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English Language Resources

Resources for Pronunciation Practice

Homophone Sentences Practice
Homophone Dictation
Rhymes for Pronunciation Practice
Silent letters
Word Search for Sounds

Use of English Materials

Negative Prefixes - Worksheet
The "-ise" and "-ize" Verb Endings - Usage Notes
Auxiliaries - Usage Notes
Comparatives and Superlatives - Usage Notes

Background to the English Language


The History of the English Language - An Introduction
The English-Speaking World
'Standard English'

Geographical Variation

England's Accents and Dialects
Cockney - An Introduction
Cockney Rhyming Slang - Worksheet
Welsh English and Scottish English
Irish English
US & Candian English
Australian and New Zealand English
South African English
Indian English
New Englishes - Pidgins and Creoles

Social Aspects

Politically-Correct English - Some Food for Thought
Slang - An Introduction
Persuasion - The Rhetoric of English

Miscellaneous Materials

Automatic Translation (Italian-English)
Famous Writers, Famous Works, Famous Words - Worksheet
Murphy's Law
Word Games

Links to IPA font sources

IPA symbols are useful when referring to sounds in written texts. The symbols are standard on Windows 2000 programs. If your version is earlier you can download a set of IPA characters from the following sites (and then install them via Control Panel – Impostazioni/Pannello di Controllo)

Useful off-site EFL links




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