The band in time

It's many years that A sud di Nogales works across the possible connections among the different genres inside the border music.

 90\92 - In the first period the band finds the realization of "Sonate in stile Dark Fusion". These tracks roll around the use of two electric basses.

93\94 - The demotape "Potere fare tutto" shows the second phase where the voice and the exploration around song shape acquired a bigger space.

95\96 - With "Canzoni Allargate" preserves the structure phrase-chorus but plays with all kinds of music we can find around the world, keeping opened to music the doors of the songs.

1997 - Altrimodi 

2000 - A Sud di Nogales at the frontiers of the songs. Researching possible music. Inside their artistic path, the band always tried to blend together different musical genres in a original and bold game of sound composition/decomposition that doesn't go into an intellectual idea of music allowing the song shape to invade sounds and styles. The band wants to give the cards a shuffle, wants to pull down frontiers , to mix different cultures going out the usual pattern. It wants to create an unusual song form that builds itself inside the new compositions of "Ai limiti dei confini".