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Mercedes 190 Db from 1959 restored in 1997
    Car Rent for :
  • Marriages
  • Publicity Spots
  • Historical Films
  • Ceremonies
  • Shows /fairs
any kind of spare parts
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Lot of work to do !!
Restoration of old cars is a heavy duty job as i try to work as good as possible. That's why i work only on my own cars. For good restoration you need a lot of time and also lot's of tools, which means also a lot of money if you would have to pay for it. Anyhow, i think that working very precise can only be good for a long life of the restored vehicles.

A long time ago i started restoring old Mercedes cars. The adventure started in 1977 buying an "old" Mercedes 190Db. Soon i decided to restore this car. After disassembling the car i needed another one to move. I had the occasion of another old Mercedes and also this was put into it's pieces. A couple of other cars have been bought and the work began. I finished the first car in 1997, which was a Mercedes 190Db from 1959 which i am using actually. Some of my friends asked me to have the car for marriages and i started to offer the car also for other opportunities just like film productions and so on. On the other side i try to help other people to find spare parts for their old cars as far as possible.
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