The Orso Diving Club of Poltu Quatu is located in the heart of the Marine Park of La Maddalena, only 2 miles from Caprera, 16 miles from the Island of Lavezzi and 18 miles from the Island of Tavolara. This area is well-known as the divers' "Mediterranean Sanctuary", for its unique flora and fauna, its clear water and its particular morphology, due to the configuration of the granite stone spread on the splendid coasts. The dives have a medium depth of 22 meters, the deepest ones are between 30 and 35 meters. With good sea conditions, the dives are effectuated on shoals in the open sea, raising from the sandy ground of approximately 35 /40 meters to the apex (hat), which normally remains at the depth of 16 to 5 meters. Thanks to the geographic position of the O.D.C. it is possible to reach the north-east coast of the Island of Caprera in a few minutes. Here, there are a dozen of fantastic dive spots, accessible also on very windy days in full safety thanks to their sheltered position. Our dive excursions will surprise also the most exigent beginners (Open Water Divers) with high expectations: on the shoals they will find branches of beautiful red gorgons (paramonicee) already at the depth of 15 meters, while under the coast of Caprera splendid examples of groupers and shade fishes are easy to see also in 20 meters of water, surrounded by the typical fauna and flora of this wonderful aquatic environment .                                  





This area is divided in two zones: the back sides of the Islands of Caprera and of The Monaci Island. The dives of Caprera are effectuated near the coast (ideal also for snorkeling), on sea grounds and walls quickly reaching the depth of 40 meters. These dives are ideal both for Open Water Divers and for the Advanced Divers. They'll be surprised by the morphologic beauty of this grounds with enormous granite rocks and monoliths forming passages and small caves: a true labyrinth of tunnels, where underwater life of any kind abounds. In particular the dives in the sea of Caprera have two great advantages: on one side, they are sheltered from the common north-west wind; on the other, their position guarantees the absence of strong drifts. The second zone is located behind the Monaci Island, where the so called "Shoals of the Monaci" are located: 8 dive itineraries with nothing to envy to the renowned dives of the Mouths of Bonifacio, showing very similar characteristics to these. In order to appreciate and enjoy these dives (Secca di Grecale, Secca Dorata, Secca di Maestrale, Secca delle Colonne, La Spacca delle Corvine, Secca dell’Uva, Greco dei Monaci and Secca dei Monaci Meda) for the longest time, we suggest the use a mixture of Enriched Air Nitrox 32%. The dive spots of the Island of Caprera and of the Monaci Island are only 4-6 miles far away from Poltu Quatu.






Towards north, to the Bonifacio Strait, there is a dozen of dive spots between Corsica, with its Marine Park of Lavezzi, and Sardinia, with its Marine Park of the Archipelago de La Maddalena. The dives in the Corsic area are characterized by a huge quantity of fish. At the "City of the Groupers" of Lavezzi, famous all over the world, giant groupers approach the divers in search of food. On the shoals of "Ponente", "Pilone", "Banco", "Ostro" and "Sperduti" you'll be sure to see a lot of typical lair fishes like groupers, shadefish, breams, rocklings and morays, as well as free water fishes like amberjacks, dentexes and barracudas. All these dives have a maximum depth of 30 meters, with an average of nearly 18 meters. Therefore they are appropriate for Open Water Divers too. On the other side, the Sardinian area is characterized by the beauty of its underwater paths. The shoals of "Spargi", "Mezzogiorno", "Budelli" and "Razzoli" have a highly spectacular morphology, with castles of granite raising up from the sandy ground, in vertical walls of 20-30 meters, covered by the greatest red gorgons of the Mediterranean already at the depth of 15 meters. In this zone there is also a well known and unique dive spot, strictly reserved to the more expert divers: the deep dive at the "Shoal of the Black Coral", (the largest living branch of the Mediterranean Sea). Towards south, we propose the dives around the famous Mortoriotto Islet, well known for its splendid morphology, its gorgons and passage fishes, its singular two car-wrecks and the cave of the "Embolus of Capo Figari". Then, the last but not the least "Shoal of the Pope", in the Marine Reserve of Tavolara, a spectacular dive spot under all points of view: morphology, colors, quantity and variety of flora and fauna. Its medium depth is approximately 30 meters, therefore it's not appropriate for Open Water Divers. To enjoy the dive completely and for a longer time, we suggest the use of the mixture Enriched Air Nitrox 32%.

The dives on the shoals of the Mouths of Bonifacio are located 12 to 18 miles far from the diving: from the nearest "Secca di Spargiottello" to the most distant "Secca degli Sperduti". 





 FULL DAY                                          CORSICA & TAVOLARA

At the end of the '80es the Orso Diving Club was the first diving in Sardinia to propose the classic whole day excursion, nowadays commonly known as "Full-Day". The destination was the Marine Park of Lavezzi, in order to reach the most famous dive spot of that area, the so called "City of the Groupers". Today, after 15 years, the Orso Diving Club continues to propose the same excursion, with two exclusive advantages: first, to have as a support the diving base of the "Orso Diving Cavallò"; second, to effectuate the excursion on the new innovative "BWA Orso Diving" rubber boat, which permits to reduce the navigation time of 2/3. This year, upon great demand, we will re-propose also the "Full-Day" to the Island of Tavolara and Capo Figari. Moreover, another great innovation of this year: the "Full-Day" to the Cervicali Islands in Corsica. One time again, The Orso Diving is the first and only Sardinian Diving Center to propose this exclusive and wonderful excursion.                                                  


THE CITY OF THE GROUPERS:                                                                             

After approximately 40 minutes of pleasant navigation in the middle of the Archipelago of La Maddalena and through the Bonifacio Strait, we reach the Island of Lavezzi in Corsica, which gives the name to one of the richest and oldest (20 years) Marine Reserves of the Mediterranean. Once arrived on the Island of Lavezzi the snorkelers and non-divers companions are disembarked. They have approximately one hour and a half to visit the island or to snorkel in the crystalline and lively waters. In the meantime the divers reach the mythical "City of the Groupers" for a fantastic dive. At around 12.15pm, after picking up the non-divers from Lavezzi, we move to the exclusive Island of Cavallò, where we stay for approximately 3 hours. Cavallò is a private island, but our customers are authorized to visit it and to use its beautiful beaches. On the sand of one of these beaches, we'll have together a packet-lunch. At the Hotel de Pesceur it is possible to rent small electrical golf cars, which permit to visit the whole Island in a short time with fun and comfort. While you enjoy the beauties of the island, our staff will change your tank with a full one provided by the "Orso Diving Cavallò". Around 3.00pm divers will move again to the area of the City of the Groupers to carry out a second dive (not in the same dive spot of the morning). Around 4.30pm we pick up the non-divers from Cavallò and all together we take the way back to the Orso Diving in Poltu Quatu, that we normally reach at about 5.30pm.

MARINE RESERVE OF THE ISLAND OF TAVOLARA: The Shoal of the Pope by Tavolara in the morning, and the Shoal of Mortoriotto or Embolus of Capo Figari in the afternoon. These are the two splendid dive itineraries proposed in the Full-Day in southern direction. We will have our lunch break on the beautiful small Island of Mortorio.


The time table and the plan of operations is the same for all the Full-Days, see the paragraph "City of the Groupers".   





 FULL DAY                                          CORSICA E TAVOLARA


Two new fantastic dive spots near the Island of the Taurus, by the Cervicali Islands in Corsica, will be able to astonish also the more exigent divers! Finally a valid alternative to the famous "City of the Groupers"!!!! The Cervicali Islands are only a couple of miles north of the Island of Cavallò (22 miles from Poltu Quatu). We will effectuate the first dive on a wonderful shoal 2 km north of the Island of the Taurus. "The Arches of the Taurus" is a shoal in the open see. Its hat is about 17 meters deep, its ground 36. Its name is due to the presence of two evocative stone arches at the depth of nearly 30 meters. The dive has a medium depth of 28 meters and is not adapt for Open Water Divers. For the lunch break we will choose one of the beautiful beaches of the Cervicali Islands, where also snorkelers and non-divers will enjoy the wonderful nature. The second dive will be on the "Shoal of the Taurus", 700 meters east of the homonymous island. The shoal has its hat at 3 meters and its maximum ground depth at 35 meters. Both dives are a rainbow of colors, with plenty of fishes… don't miss them!!!!

The time table and the plan of operations is the same for all the Full-Days, see the paragraph "City of the Groupers".    




At the Orso Diving Club all divers receive a personal basket, where they can leave their private equipment for the whole stay. The basket will be lodged in an appropriate equipment room, where jackets and wet suits can be hung up to dry after the rinse, for which a water basin with current water is at the customers' disposal. Each group of divers will consist of maximum 6 divers + one guide. The groups will be divided by level of certifications: Open Water Divers (or First Level) on one side; Advanced Divers on the other. For those who have not dived for more than 12 months, a check dive is obligatory: it consists of a few basic exercises with an instructor before the beginning of the normal dive. All tanks and gears have to be assembled and tested before boarding. We normally leave the diving wearing the wet suit and take on board only the necessary equipment. The distances of the dive spots vary: about 10-15 minutes for the "Short Distance Dives"; approximately 30-40 minutes for the "Long Distance Dives".  Once the boat is moored, the staff will hold a detailed briefing on the dive, showing a site map in A3 size. Underwater, the dives will respect the classical "couple system" or "buddy system" (divers coupled by two). At the depth of 5 meters a decompression tank will be at your disposal. At the end of each dive, before leaving, warm tea and biscuits will be served. The diving staff will load and unload the equipment on/from the boat. For expert divers (Rescue/2nd degree upwards) or groups, there is the possibility to organize independent diving excursions under the control of an instructor. 

IMPORTANT: The guides are in the water to show you the dive site in the best and safest way. They'll be glad to show you the best of the site, trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible. There will be moments where you will have to swim and moments where you will stop, looking at places of interest. Guides aren't instructors nor private guides (if you want, there is also this possibility, on request and at different rates): they are in the water to guide a group. Should a diver not be able to have a good control of himself, the guide is allowed to stop the excursion and take this diver back to the boat. 





Since February 1999 in Sardinia there is a regional register of all professional instructors, guides, diving centers and diving schools. The Orso Diving and its staff are all regularly registered in this list, as they all have the requested requisites.  Beyond this register, the Region of Sardinia has special regulations for recreational diving activities which are in the norm of the international standards. The Orso Diving Club adhere totally to these regulations. Moreover the Orso Diving Club is in the heart of the Marine Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena and can operate in this area because it is a diving center regularly recognized and authorized. For this reason, most of the dives are effectuated in this park, except those of Tavolara and Corsica.

Not respecting the regional laws or those of the Marine Park relating to the recreational diving activities doesn't have heavy penal implications, however the Orso Diving Club approves and respects the above mentioned laws totally. Considering all this, everyone diving with the O.D.C. must adhere to the following regulations:  

1) The use of the following equipment is obligatory: jacket, alternative air source (octopus), gauge, diving instruments (computer and/or depth gauge with timer and dive tables).  

2) It is prohibited to exceed the depth allowed by the own personal certification degree (Open Water Diver: 18 meters; Advanced Diver: 30 meters). In order to dive deeper than 30 meters, a special Deep Dive or a Professional (Dive Master/Instructor) or equivalent certification is requested.    

3) It is prohibited to dive more than 40 meters deep.  

4) It is prohibited to exceed the non decompression limits.  

5) It is prohibited to exceed the depth planned and illustrated by the dive guide. 

6)  It is prohibited to leave the group and/or the dive partner.   

7)  It is prohibited to leave the water with less than 30 atmospheres in the tank. The above mentioned rules are SAFETY RULES, and consequently they are the most important. In case they are not respected, the Orso Diving Club reserves itself the right to forbid further dives with its organization. In this case no refund of eventual prepaid dives is due.






1) It is prohibited to collect living, non living and dead organisms or any kind of material from the sea ground.   

2) It is recommended to maintain the most possible neutral buoyancy in order to avoid damages to the flora and fauna fins or other equipment. 

3) It is recommended to maintain at least 50 cm distance from walls and sea grounds in order to avoid damages to organisms like gorgons, sponges, plants etc.   

4) Be careful to avoid that your air bubbles touch the organisms: avoid for example to breathe under walls with  gorgons, sponges etc. 

5) Do not touch any living organism.  

6) Do not to feed the fishes.



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