Wellcome, my name is Pasquale Frega and i am a programmer; here i keep available some my projects:

  1. TkLauncher - a small desktop launcher for Linux;

  2. RetroLook - a minimal window manager for X11;

  3. PixelClean - a powerful utility for Windows and macOS to remove noise and clean spots from pictures;

  4. led - a simple and easy-to-use cross-platform line-oriented text editor;

  5. obuf - a command line utility for Windows to obfuscate/deobfuscate a plain text file by using a password;

  6. random.h - a C libray to generate sequences of pseudo-random numbers;

  7. util.lisp - a collection of utility functions to use with Urn Lisp;

  8. King James Bible - The King James Bible in EPUB e MOBI formats for Amazon Kindle and other eBook readers and tablets; also for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone and Android.

If you like for any of them please consider to make me a donation:


Copyright (c) 2018, Pasquale Frega
All rights reserved.