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JMultiSend (share it)

JMultiSend is a simple and fast solution to send mass emails (Bulk E-mail); it only needs to load the list of addresses, the message (HTML or TXT), the data and then send. It is possible also to manage mailing lists subscribtions simply by emails, to send personalized messages with username and to schedule delays up to 24h (86400 secs). Since it is developed in Java it is a cross-platform application and does not need installation but needs only the Java Virtual Machine (version 6 or higher) that, in the case, is very easy to download and install; click here to get it for any operating system.

JMultiSend is freeware for personal use only; click here to get the latest release (01-Jan-2024). However you can buy the professional license for commercial use, valid only for the current year, for only 10,00 Euro:
JMultiSend has got many downloads and was positively reviewed by the specialized site Freeonline.it.


P.S. Click here to get the release working without SSL.


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