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obuf is a simple command line utility which makes unreadable (obfuscate) a plaintext file by using a password; of course makes also readable that file (deobfuscate) by using the same password. For example to obfuscate "myfile.txt" with password "abc" just type:

obuf -o myfile.txt abc >myfile.txt.obf

this creates a new file "myfile.txt.obf" with the content of "myfile.txt" but unreadable; delete "myfile.txt" then type:

obuf -d myfile.txt.obf abc >myfile.txt

this creates again "myfile.txt" from "myfile.txt.obf" with the content readable.

Now you are asking how many it is sure; there is nothing 100% sure and obuf does not make difference but it coulds be considered as more "sure" as more long and complex is the used password.

I suggest to use only with plain text file, although it coulds be used with any other format, it is not guaranteed to work as expeted; another thing is to close the commands prompt just after used it in manner to delete the history.

Click here to get the latest release (20180621).


Copyright (c) 2018, Pasquale Frega
All rights reserved.