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   Cagliari, capital of the Sardinia region. City area: 400.000 inhabitants, common: 211.719 inhabitants (1990). It possesses remotest origins phoenician, it was a town hall Roman with the name of Caralis and in the Middle Ages the capital of greater the sentence Sardinian (was defined judged every one of the province independent from Bisanzio, instituted in Sardinia around X the century and governed from a judge.


    Conserve important rests of Cartagine's period (punic tombs of Tuvixeddu) and that Roman, with the amphitheater of II the century d.C., dug in the cliff, and the so-called house of Tigellio. In the quarter said Castello (Castle), on the fortified full of rocks relief, rises numerous monuments of successive ages, between which the Romanesque cathedral (century XIII, restored in the 1600's) and the church of the Purest one, gotico-Aragonese, of the 1554.


    The present city, is main port and greater commercial and industrial center of the Sardinia, rises on the Gulf of Cagliari, the southern coast of the island. The main economic activities of the city are tourism, petrochemical, textile industries, metal worker and mechanics, metalworkers (steel) and foods (flour production and wines), beyond to the cement production.

    Cagliari has a charming natural patrimony: two splendid lagoons (Saint Gilla and Molentargius), that they accommodate every year numerous species of birds. From the evocative Monte Urpinu panorama a pink colour can be noticed that is that one of the "fenicotteri".


    The historical quarters are: Castle, situated up on the hill and encircled from walls pisane and Spanish. Low the quarters were spread, also fortified, of Navy (between Castle and the port), Stampace (to the west) and Villanova (to east). The nucleus of Castle introduces one characteristic medieval viaria structure of Catalan type, with ways grips and parallels.

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