Petrone Oleodinamica Co.Ltd. was born in Gravina in 1953 as a workshop to repair industrial and agricultural machines, thanks to the will and job of Mr Vito Petrone.
In 1968 Mr Petrone becomes a specialist in mending the revolutionary power steering "Calzoni", introducing his firm into the field of oleodynamics.
In 1970 it becomes the only Italian firm specialized in the assembly of automatic and timed lubricating systems on regular transport trucks.
From 1972 till 1976 there is a profitable co-operation with the "Industrial Vehicles FIAT", resulting in the installation of 1800 power steering systems on new trucks.
In 1977 Mr Petrone opens a shop for sale and commercialisation of oledynamic components, giving shape to the idea of a firm engaged in assembling and repairing oleodynamic components.
In the 80?s it dedicates to the assembly of lifting apparatus, automatic and hydrostatic transmission systems, beginning co-operating relationships with the Italian Railways "Ferrovie dello Stato", the Italsider, "Ferrovie del Gargano", "Ferrovie Calabro-Lucane", Breda Fucine Meridionali and so on.
Then, being directed by the young Cassandra Petrone, as Mechanical Engineer, and Vitantonio Petrone, as Industrial Expert, the firm turns to shipbuilding industry and to the designing and manufacturing of oleodynamic elements and systems.
Finally, on March 2001 Petrone Oleodinamica Co.Ltd. moved to a new seat placed in the industrial area of Gravina in Puglia, covering a 4000 square meters surface. This new seat includes many different departments:
1-spare elements store,
2-repair shop,
3-designing area,
4-measures and checking area,
5-production area,
6-final products warehouse, and a large area for technical, administrative and managing offices.

 Petrone Oleodinamica s.r.l.
 Zona PIP lotto 45 75
 70024 Gravina in Puglia (BA)
Tel. 080326666
Fax. 080326666
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