- Tell me the truth, girl: how does the man next door ship out trailer-loads of material from a building ten times too small to hold the stuff?
- He cuts prices.

R.A.Lafferty, In Our Block, from "Nine Hundred Grandmothers"

This is the (useless) homepage of Pietro Braione

I am glad that you have decided to spend some time reading my homepage. I am so glad that in return I offer you a page almost devoid of content so that you will not waste too much time reading it. You should be very grateful for this. So enjoy what remains if you take content off this site: Stunning graphics, special effects and charismatic humor.

Despite all these wonders, this site desperately needs some major reworking. Some material lacks, other is outdated. The bookmarks should be reorganized and checked. Other bookmarks should be merged. Now I have a more serious page on the server of my university, http://www.elet.polimi.it/upload/braione, where I will put all the stuff relative to my work, my research and my PhD (CV, papers, references for students, etc). I will keep this page at Tiscali, until I will find a provider where I will relocate it (perhaps at polimi.it). In the meantime, the Tiscali version of this page will be the authoritative one.

For anything feel free to drop me a line (please, replace _dot_ and _at_ appropriately).


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