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Bookmarks: Search Engines, Resources

General-purpose search engines - Google works well both for general purpose searches and for more research oriented ones. It almost became the standard search engine for the net - ODP (Open Directory Project) is a open categorical search engine

Scientific literature and citations - CiteSeer (aka Nec ResearchIndex) is a digital library of scientific literature - CORA is a computer science research paper search engine - e-print archive, also a scientific paper repository with search engine - IEEE Xplore: IEEE publications online. You must pay for access

Dictionaries, encyclopediae

FAQ - The Internet FAQ archive. Also gathers FAQ of Usenet groups, so you have FAQs on almost everything in human knowledge

Computers - IT encyclopedia. Entry level on-fly definitions for most of IT buzzword - Free Online Dictionary Of Computing; many terms, also logic and mathematics

Philosophy - the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Useful for mathematical logic

Languages - Claus Reinke's virtual bookshelf. A big collection of papers on many theoretical aspects related to programming languages (category, rewriting, reflection, Lisp to name few)


Diverse - Multi-University/Research Laboratory seminars

Japanese - Reiko-Chan course on Japanese for Anime Lovers. With sections on Hiragana and Katakana - The Japanese Learning Dojo. Affiliated with the Japanese Ministry of the Education. Fundamentals of hiragana, katakana and kanji - A course of Japanese - A homepage with some interesting stuff on Japan

Other - Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian state railroad company) - English dictionary. A translator from/to several languages is also available - WordNet, something more than a dictionary... at least they say. It can be used online, or downloaded - Currency conversion - Worldwide weather - Time server; Useful to quickly solve timezone issues - A store for used, secondhand, rare, out-of-print books - Archive of online resources for educators, researchers, etc


Scientific and Technological Research - Human Potential Programme supports formation and movement of researches in the EU - Software and System Engineering at Technische Universität München. They organize the "Marktoberdorf Summer School". See under the "misc" section for the school programme and online subscription - Interaction Design Institute Ivrea - Yonezawa Laboratory. Many research works, notably on computational reflection (now finished) - PROG laboratory at Vrije University. They work on interesting topics on reflection, programming languages, components, reuse and contracts. A LOT of VERY interesting papers

Summer schools - List of summer schools

See Marktoberdorf above.

Software (working and not) and algorithms - Gnu Privacy Guard - Gnu MP is a library for infinite precision arithmetics - Several freeware for Windows, ExcelToLatex - Armadillo (once Gzilla) proposed as a browser for Gnome, now seemingly defunct - Fiasco is a fractal codec which claims performance comparable to that of wavelets. Do not confuse with the omonymous OS - Antiword: a free MS Word document reader - Audio and video stuff

Resources - Everything for email: conversion tools, clients, standards, etc - Shareware Music Machine: Huge list of (more or less) shareware musical software

Emulators - Emulators for ancient computers (mostly PDP) - BOCHS is an emulator of Intel-based computers, licensed under LGPL and multiplatform (even not PC) - Maconlinux is an Macintosh emulator - Plex86 is a free substitute for VMWare. Seems halted due to many troubles, now hosted by Savannah

Multimedia - X MultiMedia System, a multimedia player for X - SIMPLE is a nice mp3 encoder

Music Software - aRts is a project which aims at defining an analog realtime synthesizer system. Thought for KDE it evolved to be independent on the environment and on QT - FreeBirth: a free Rebirth clone for Linux - LilyPond is a music typesetter, producing beautiful notation from a description file

TeX, LaTeX, etc - Tips on using Emacs for LaTeX under Windows - MiKTeX is the best TeX distribution for Windows - The Tex User Group (TUG). Everything. Also the teTeX distribution, common on Unices - Prosper is a LaTeX class to make beautiful slides in PDF. Requires the seminar and pstricks class - Prosper needs ps2pdf (pdflatex and dvipdf do not work), but sometimes the standard configuration of LaTeX and dvips yield crappy pdf with broken bitmap fonts on mathematical formulas. Here some tips to have all vector fonts in your pdf with ps2pdf

Emacs - Emacs homepage at GNU - The Emacs Wiki

Software engineering tools - Open source community aimed at building a suite of tools for SE. Among the projects: subversion, replacing CVS for CM, scarab, an issue tracking system similar to Bugzilla, and ArgoUML, a tool for modelling aimed at replacing Rose

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