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Society - Luther Blissett - Against software patents

Media - Independent Media Center

Art - Artonde Denmark: Contemporary Danish art - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Center for Art and Media Technologies) - Culture Percentage is a committment of Migros to dedicate a percentage of its incomes to support art and society - Migros Museum - Sun Wu-Kung - Neen - Kunstradio - FlashArt, a magazine on contemporary art (paper and online) - ExibArt, another online/paper magazine on art events - UnDo.Net, a network for contemporary art


Musical instruments and devices - A site on synths - Access music, makers of Virus synth series - A A/D and D/A converter maker - The International Archives for the Jazz Organ

Genres - (In Italian) Jazzitalia è un sito molto ricco sul jazz. Notevole la quantità di lezioni su strumenti diversi: piano, voce, sax, chitarra eccetera

Artists and labels - (In Italian) Siluet sono un ottimo gruppo tutto al femminile, che propongono canzoni "d'autore", raffinate, con influenze jazz, latin, pop - HedKandi is the label of the "Serve Chilled" compilation series - Eighteenth Street Lounge Music: Thievery Corporation, Nicola Conte, Avatars Of Dub... - The official homepage for Bjork, rich of news, music and videos, very interactive - The official Jethro Tull homepage. Being Ian Anderson very talkative, Tull fans will surely find it interesting - (in Italiano) I Cialtroni Animati, gruppo che interpreta in versioni geneticamente modificate le sigle dei cartoni animati e dei telefilm. Bravissimi, da vedere assolutamente dal vivo! - Fan page for Babes In Toyland, very well done - Stevie Wonder: All the lyrics

Streaming radios - Soma FM: Trip hop, rare grooves, chill-out, downtempo... Great and relaxing! - KILLED BY R.I.A.A. - Save Internet radio!


Science Fiction - SFSite, home page for SF lovers. A catalogue of authors and works is available - (in Italian) Catalogo fantascienza/fantasy in Italia: collane, autori e opere

Douglas Adams - His homepage - The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, or at least a good clone for earthlings. A lot of useful, useless and harmful information, like tips for party gatecrashing and receipts to mix a Pangalactic Gargle Blaster with ingredients available on this planet

Raphael Aloysius Lafferty - RAL Devotional Page; A lot of info - (in Italian) Una pagina informativa su Raphael Aloysius Lafferty


Games - The Dungeons of Doom, a very good page on Rogue - Rogue homepage

See also Retrocomputing

Humour - Simon Travaglia homepage, the true Bastard Operator From Hell (BOFH)

Comics and Animation - Otakuworld: manga and anime - (in Italian) Animemania era un portale italiano su manga, anime, doppiatori, ecc. Defunto - (in Italian) Seiyuu, archivio dei doppiatori italiani di serie animate - Hitoshi Doi has published a gigantic archive of information on anime series and OAV (only shoujo), and on miscellaneous paraphernalia - Downloadable fansubs of some series (now shut down) - Information on fansubs - The Anime Web Turnpike collects information on anime series - (in Italian) MD Anime page: un portal/rivista in italiano molto bello sugli anime - LEP, Lupin the III European Page. Don't lose it!

Kodomo No Omocha - A site on Kodomo no Omocha (only on Hamaya Akito), with links to fansub sites - Many links on Kodomo No Omocha - A more complete site on Kodomo No Omocha, with episode guides, characters, etc. Not updated since october 98 - All spastic, all time: another site on Kodomo No Omocha - After Lunaarts'termination

Fansub - Homepage of Sub Station Alpha, software for fansubbing

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