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"...music is in the making of the music.The heart is where the music is."
Keith Jarrett

About me

My name is Pino Primerano, I am a psychiatrist.
I live and work in Crema, a small town in Northern Italy, not too much distant from Milan and from Cremona (the hometown of Antonio Stradivari). I use to play nylon-string and, sometimes, electric guitar; after, I transpose my compositions into midi files. I like jazz overall, so I always try to give a taste of  this kind to my music.


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is a short composition for Hammond, trumpet, bass and drums which resents the flair touch of John Scofield's and Charlie Hunter's music' influence; an initial jazzistic riff becomes, some measures after, a melodic theme.
is a rock-jazz composition with a bluesy influence
Sweet Mafi Blues
is dedicated to Mafalda, my beautiful norwegian cat; it is a composition based on a brass section (trumpet, trombone and tuba); the idea was to communicate mood, feelings, curiosity of a home-cat;  the inspiration comes from a Bill Frisell album ("Quartet")
New year new air
is based on a btone sax riff; subsequently two saxophones talk one another on a percussion base.
this word doesn't exist!) could be a starting point for a TV advertisement or a TV signature tune.
Bottiglino rosa
This song (little pink bottle, in english) is also dedicated to Alessandra, the beautiful baby  of a dearest friend; the starting point was given by the likeness between half-litre mineral water bottle and little babies who cry because they want to be fed every four hours. So you could think that they are little pink bottles always "half empty".
Waitin' for Martina
is a melodic tune dedicated to my daughter: I hope she likes it...and put her to sleep all night long... I have been inspired by Penguin Cafe Orchestra in writing this piece of music.
April 5k is a short intro which make me think to the period slowly leading from winter to spring; musically it's a tentative of using the legato style.
M or F? 25k is a joyful piano improvisation built on a syncopated rhythmic basis of fretless bass and drums.
Lazy lizard blues
In the summertime, when the sun is high in the sky and the air is hot, I like to think that, while the cats are still sleeping, the lizards play the blues. 
A yellow penguin...
...is knockin' to my door
When winter arrives and temperature falls down very near to zero, I think  it could happen that a penguin, maybe yellow or blue (because of cold), could wish to join us round the fireside.
White Cat Dance
This piece is still "in progress"; it is dedicated to one of my cats, the white Angora Isotta; she often likes to play with her tail so she looks  as if she were dancing!
Red socks pimpy
A small piece for two electric guitars, bass and percussions. Here is a real-audio version arranged by Hartmut Riedel on MidiSession
Modem blues
A foggy day in a northern town. A street between red bricks buildings lines, and music coming from a basement in which four musicians are playing a new song; this piece has been inspired by Saul Bellow's "Dangling Man". You can find a Mp3 version of this song  on Tommy's Original MP3 Archive
Miss Ploof
This piece reminds me Milan Kundera's excellent book, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".
Jumpin' frog
I think that, after listening the music, the title will be clear enough. I think it could be a perfect soundtrack for a green curious summer frog! I have to point out the excellent viola introduction which is due to Motty Levi
"...music is in the making of the music.The heart is where the music is." Keith Jarrett.
Old fox 15k A three parts piece supported by a brass section.
new! Pepette 16k A groovy piece thinking to Medeski Martin & Wood
new! Pa-ta-taa
A two part, first fast and after slow, jazz piece.
 new! September (4&9)
Dedicated to my women, Anny & Martina, both born in September.
new! M.the whale
A funny big fish which jumps all over the day.
new! Thinkin' in front of a green tomato
One day I saw my cat to do this in profound meditation...
new!Fightin' everyday
Sometime life is a war and we must become warriors...



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Many thanks to Motty Levi  for his help in realizing this page and for his friendship.

All these files are been created with Sound Blaster AWE 32, so with this sound card  are best heard.
All files are covered by Copyright © Pino Primerano 1997-1999. All rights reserved.

Any comment, suggestion or feedback is, of course,  welcome.

for saleIf someone is interested in commercial or only personal use of any of these compositions
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