News 2000

It is time for an update of what has been happening here at Primprau's. Two new cats have come, one has passed through, and one has moved. Anéas av Kalhammaren (alias Silver) in Stockholm needed a new home. Johnny Stjernström offered him as a stud to a serious breeder in Europe - the choice fell on Bernd Pollesche, a new German breeder. I offered to bring the cat from Sweden to Germany with a short stop in Denmark on the way - Silver was to mate my two females, Emmy and Buri, before going to his permanent home with Bernd.


Anéas av Kalhammaren

These matings resulted in 4 kittens in two litters - 3 males and 1 female. I will be keeping the best male as a stud, the rest will be placed as pets.


Primprau's Silver Tamruat - my new stud

Primprau's Silver Jao Sam Ran (foto: djjensen)

Buri did not fit into this group of cats very well, so she has now been mated once again to Silver and has moved to Italy to help a new breeder in Italy get started.


Primprau's Suay Kanchanaburi


That left me with Emmy as a breeding queen. Emmy carries GM1, so her future breeding carreer is deemed to be short.


Primprau's Blue Emerald


I needed some new blood lines... so I decided to import two females from combinations I had dreamt of working with for a very long time!

The first one was from Elfi Kleive, Pimai Korats in Norway - a Yang Chen Ma Hoo Who's/Pimai Mom Siddhi daughter by the name of Pimai Wan Nang Sai:


Pimai Wan Nang Sai


The other kitten was from UK - a Nai Saam Karn of Nimnuan/Chumaki Galadriel daughter by the name of Chumaki ThaiPrincess


Chumaki ThaiPrincess


Nai Saam Karn of Nimnuan

Chumaki Galadriel




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