The Silver Heart Award is close to my heart. The cat pictured in the award is a Korat - the silver cat with a heartshaped face. The specific cat pictured is very special to me and her owner, as she has a very strong personality and her heart in the right place! The cat is WW99 EC/GIP Primprau's Meo Hao.

The "Primprau's Silver Heart Award - for heartfelt sites" is given to sites that I find to be made with the heart and with style. The subject matter is less important. The site must be family-friendly to be considered at all. You are welcome to apply for the award using the form below or by contacting me directly at I will visit your site and consider your site. I may also award your site my award without having received a prior application. The award is only given to sites that really take my fancy - so please don't be disappointed if your site isn't among the winners.




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Thanks to those who have found these pages worthy of their Award!
We are proud of this honour


To Primprau's homepage for the
interesting and pleasent content;
and to Camilla Baird for her friendship.
This Award to you, Camilla, has a real
special meaning. At least a picture of
your Meo on your page...
KoratWorld Silver Award


June 16th, 1998.
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