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Primprau's Blue Emerald!!

Emmy is the first Korat to become European Champion in Denmark. She is the first cat in my household to hold this prestigious title. She is the second cat from my breeding to hold this title. The first Primprau's cat to obtain this title was WW'99 EC/GIP Primprau's Meo Hao from my first litter.

Emmy obtained this title by participating in shows all around Europe - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, and Germany.

This is a record of her 21 certificates:

Bogense, Denmark June 29, 1996 Barbro Helmer CAC
Cuxhaven, Germany August 3, 1996 Per Hifling-Olesen CAC
Copenhagen, Denmark September 28, 1996 Jarmo Raiha CAC,
Copenhagen, Denmark September 29, 1996 Gianfranco Mantovani CACIB
Paris, France October 6, 1996 Harry Kuipers CACIB
Copenhagen, Denmark November 3, 1996 Hans Lindberg CACIB,
International Champion
Stuttgart, Germany November 29, 1996 Alva Uddin CAGCIB
Blovstrød, Denmark April 19, 1997 Jarmo Raiha CAGCIB
Gladsaxe, Denmark June 15, 1997 Monica Bokstrøm CAGCIB, NOM
Solrød, Denmark September 28, 1997 Val Gane CAGCIB
Skælskør, Denmark October 11, 1997 Lena Sundberg CAGCIB
Tallinna, Estonia October 18, 1997 Ulla Aspelin CAGCIB,
Grand International Champion
Tallinna, Estonia October 19, 1997 Kate Stierncreutz CACE
Næstved, Denmark February 1, 1998 Anna Paloluoma CACE
Helsinki, Finland July 25, 1998 Elisabeth Raab-Alvarson CACE, BIV
Helsinki, Finland July 26, 1998 Jarmo Raiha CACE
Randers, Denmark September 5, 1998 Gianfranco Mantovani CACE, BIV
Odense, Denmark May 8, 1999 Anne-Gro Edstrøm CACE
Odense, Denmark May 9, 1999 Ursula Loose CACE
Greve, Denmark May 23, 1999 Alfred Wittich CACE
Køge, Denmark October 23, 1999 Glenn Sjøbom CACE,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the judges who have judged Emmy and awarded her certificates. She is a noisy cat to show, but the noise mostly indicates irritation towards the other cats present and boredom. Emmy has has two litters, therefore the periods of breaks in her showing. Admittedly, Emmy has lost a few certificates on her way, but only to cats who were better than herself.

As a kitten, Emmy almost always lost in competition with her brothers who were splendid cats. However, Emmy has really blossomed with age and motherhood has suited her well. She really lives up to the words of many Korat profiles about how Korats develop slowly and become more beautiful as they grow older... Emmy is the pride and joy of my breeding program (though she also has her faults which I hope to better in future generations). She has many of her good looks from her father, IC Kattihovin Ou-Vinh Cam-Ranh (alias Kuppeli), a Finnish stud owned by Outi Niemi. Other traits she has from her mother, my first Korat and the first Korat in Denmark, GIC Sawat¹s Kirilin, (alias Kitty) bred by Anita Hem in Norway.



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