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Genealogy, Ancestry and Family History Search, Family Tree
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Search Your Ancestry

  • Search the world's largest genealogy, pedigree-linked database. Over 1 Billion Names. Build your Family History with a Family Search from Birth Records, Marriage Records, Death Records, and - of course - Family Trees in the Ancestry Archive™ Search

  • MyTrees PLUS will automatically search every name in your family tree and link you directly with your ancestors. MyTrees PLUS Family Tree Search

  • MyTrees Plus End-of-Line search will search each ancestor at the end of each family tree line within your family history database. MyTrees Plus End-of-Line Search.

  • The Ancestry Archive's Personal Research Assistant will automatically help you refine your search parameters to prevent seeing too many or too few names on your next search.

  • Search for Internet database files across the world. Save time looking for genealogy data on the Internet with a single high powered Ancestry Archive™ search. Internet Database Search

  • A Research Message Board will help you find others looking for the same family names. Research Interests

Build Your Family Tree

  • Building your own family tree on-line is simple and easy with our free MyTrees Online, the first and most complete family tree program that runs over the Internet right from your browser. Enter at least 15 families and 60 individuals and get a free month of subscription services. MyTrees Online

  • Store family history pictures online for display with your family tree. MyTrees Online

  • Print beautiful genealogy family tree charts using your on-line family history database. Sample Charts

  • Print on-line family group sheets and pedigree charts from your family tree. MyTrees Online

  • For an individual in your family tree that has been adopted, you can build your tree by following both the natural parents line and the adopted parents line. MyTrees Online

  • Store your family data in any language from any country in the world. Language Samples

  • If you wish to keep your family tree off-line, we have free genealogy software. Legacy 5.0 Family Tree
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