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Metals and minerals quantity and quality control, chemical analyses

Metals and Minerals inspections

IN.CO. offers qualified services in order to reduce commercial risks connected to metals and minerals transportation.
On the basis of each specific situation and according to the Client's requirements and contract's specifications our company is able to carry out inspections at mine or at storage facility and afterwards at loading and/or discharging port.

The inspection is often employed in new contract in CIS countries to identify independently status.

Basically in pre-shipment phase we can check availability, quantity and quality of material, in addition we can also perform visual inspections, evaluation of the shipment's status, witness of weighing, witness of sampling analyses and quality control report.

During loading and discharging operations everywhere in the world we offer services like:

  • Holds inspection
  • Visual inspection and reporting on materials' condition and/or contamination
  • Verification of delivery of ordered quantity
  • Daily photographic reports
  • Determination of consignment weight by: weigh verification of trucks, lorries or rail wagons on mine's or port's weigh bridge and/or draft survey

    The size of metals and minerals products inspected by IN.CO. includes for example: ores, concentrates, metals and alley, ferrous and non ferrous scrap, non metallic minerals.






METALS AND MINERALS: quantity and quality control