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Mp3 mono loops demo (217 kb)

A little story


Hi friends! This is my little loops page, born after the KaosEngine web site (do you remember?); now I have created very cool original loops, optimized for ACID. Download and enjoy! dr.dezim

Loops created with

Sonic Foundry web site

Propellerheads web site

Propellerheads web site

Bram Bos web site


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   Quality loops (44.1 16 bit st.)


- reggae loop 130bpm download (637 kb)


- motion loop 125bpm download (662 kb)


- electro loop 110bpm download (752 kb)


- d'n'b loop 100bpm download (827 kb)


- jungle loop 150bpm download (552 kb)


- speed loop 160bpm download (512 kb)


  Hot Tips!

My loops in generally composed in two parts: body and break. Look this example (with ACID):

the loop file

split the file in two parts, body (left) & break (right). My files is optimized for this operation.

 body    bo./br.  body    break
create new complete loop!

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