Freddie Mercury (Faroukh Bulsara)
Vocals / Piano

Date of Birth: 5th September 1946

Birthplace: Zanzibar, Africa

While in Bombay at St Peters Boarding School Fred joined his first band The Hectics in 1959. They only performed at the school byut young Freddie would be sitting at the piano totally enjoying being a performer and on stage.

After moving to London he started making friends - who happened to be in various bands. He eventually worked with one of these friends Roger Taylor and they set up a stall in Kensington Market.

He was so keen to be in a band himself he hooked up with a group who had travelled from Liverpool seeking fame in fortune in the capital.

During August of 1969 Freddie joined the group called Ibex as their lead singer. Concerts had been arranged in the North West of England and Freddie travelled out of London to perform in his new band. August 23rd their first show at Bolton Octagon Theatre gave Freddie the chance to show his skills.

At one of the shows on September 9th history was in the making at Liverpool The Sink. Brian and Roger travelled to see him play and before the end of the show both guys joined him on stage! For the first time anywhere Liverpool was the city where Freddie, Brian and Roger played together on a stage. One week later Freddie played his last show with Ibex at St Helens College of Technology.

Back in London he couldn't not be in a band and found himself in a group called Wreckage. The following month on Guy Fawkes Night played his first gig with them at Imperial College supporting Iron butterfly.

Two months later it was the end of the line for Wreckage. On December 12th Freddie played his final gig at Widnes Wade Deacon Grammar School. Once again history would be in the making in Merseyside. Freddie lifted his microphone and the top bit broke away from the main stand and he carried on the show with his shortened mic stand - this would later become his trademark!

The following year on March 1st Freddie auditioned to join a band Sour Milk Sea - he was successful. Within 20 days he was performing live with them at Oxford Headington Parish Hall. He only lasted for 3 shows and on April 3rd at London Temple he bid them goodbye.

No band again and he found that his two best friends Brian and Roger had split from their band - this was his chance now to join them - he was keen to do so and attended many of Smiles shows and wanted to be on stage with the two of them.

He asked them to join him to form a new band who would be majestic and go on to big things......Brian and Roger had nothing to lose and agreed!


Brian Harold May
Guitar / Vocals / Keyboards

Date of Birth: 19th July 1947

Birthplace: Hampton, England

Brian joined his first band in July 1964 and they named themselves 1984. Brian played lead guitar. At one of their shows at Whitton Murray Parkhill Brian met a chap called Tim Staffell.

The group rehearsed at Chase Bridge Primary School. Tim eventually joined the group to play harmonica and take on the job of lead vocalist.

On October 28th the band gave their first performance at Twickenham St Mary’s Church Hall. Through constant hard work they became very popular and played many shows. Their first show at Imperial College was during October of their first year together as 1984.

The group recorded some songs onto a tape recorder and used these recordings to enter a competition.

In 1967 on May 13th they returned to Imperial College to support the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

A month later on 28th June Brian was at London Abbey Road studios working with Left-Handed Marriage on some recordings. A month later on July 31st he went into London Regent Sound Studios for more recordings with this group.

On 29th September thanks to the tape recordings they performed at Croydon Top Rank Club and won the competition!

Christmas Eve that year they performed at the huge London Olympia at 5 in the morning!

Three months into 1968 the band decided to go their separate ways. 1984 split!

Later that year in the October Brian and Tim decided to form a new group and placed an ad on the notice board of Imperial College asking for a drummer. Later that month a guy named Roger Meddows Taylor applied and became the third an final member of the trio they were to name Smile.


John Richard Deacon
Bass / Keyboards

Date of Birth: 19th August 1951

Birthplace: Oadby, Leicestershire, England

On September 21st in 1965 John joined his first group and they were called Opposition. He was their rhythm guitarist.

Four days later he gave his first performance with the group in the bass players house! A warm up for a show the following month at Leicester Gartree School.

In may of 1966 the band changed their name to The New Opposition and played many shows in this name.

By January 1967 they were bored with "new" in the name and went back to The Opposition. On 29th of the month they played at Leicester London Road Casino in a 'Midland Beat Championship' and earned a place in the final the following March. Sadly that event never happened because someone forgot to book the hall!

March 1968 saw another name change - now to Art. They played lots of shows and had a good name in the area.

During May 1969 Art recorded an acetate at Wellingborough Beck Studios.

August 29th was Johns last gig with Art at Great Glen Youth & Sports Centre. He was moving down to London.

During 1970 John was asked to play a show and he formed the group Deacon for a one off appearance at London Chelsea College on November 21st.

February 1971 he attended a disco and was introduced to 2 guys Brian May and Roger Taylor who had formed a band and needed a bass player. They asked him to audition and he agreed. John had already seen Queen play and thought they were reasonable.

He went along to Imperial College and after playing was offered the job to join this band Queen.

He had to wait until July 2nd to perform with them at London surrey College.


Roger Meddows Taylor
Drums/ Vocals/ Keyboards

Date of Birth: 26th July 1949

Birthplace: Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England

In July 1957 he joined his first band The Bubblingover Boys. It was a skiffle group and he played ukulele. They didn't last long and their final performance was at Rogers school Bosvigo School in Truro.

Six years later in 1963 he joined The Cousin Jacks and this time played rhythm guitar. They played a handful of gigs including some for the local Liberal Party.

The following year he joined a trio named Beat Unlimited. This time he played drums and occasional guitar. The groups name changed to The Falcons. He left this group in February 1965.

Within a month he joined Johnny Quale and The Reactions. He played drums and immediately performed with them at Truro City Hall on March 15th at the 'Rock N Rhythm Championships'. He performed in front of 1,000 people - his biggest audience to date. The group came 4th in the competition.

By the end of September he was their lead vocalist as well as their drummer. The group then changed their name to The Reaction. The band became quite established on the Cornwall circuit.

Roger became psychedelic and on New Years Eve poured petrol on his cymbals and lit them during the show!

In March 1966 the band once again entered the 'Rock N Thythm Championship' competition and won! The group then became known as Reaction. By end of September it was back to The Reaction!

During November of that same year Roger went into Wadebridge Sound Studios for his first experience at recording.

The whole of 1967 was spent gigging with the band.

Sadly on 1st September 1968 Roger left The Reaction and his final show was at Trevallas Port in a thunderstorm.

In October once Roger had moved to London a friend of his told him their was an ad at Imperial College asking if a drummer was interested in joining a new band....

A certain Brian May and Tim Staffell went along to his flat to see him play and after auditioning was asked to join a band called Smile.

Smile went on to play many gigs and earned a great reputation.

Sadly in April 1970 it all came to an end and Smile split and Roger was left with no band to play in. But - a friend of his had an idea…