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Welcome to my Web site: www.queencollector.net !

Click on the Clicca qui per leggere il sito in italiano! Italian flag to read this site in Italian.

A very special surprise from me to you! In the
Video-Download page you'll find the COMPLETE 60 minutes Video in RealPlayer (*.rm) of the "The Untold Story" from the Freddie Mercury Box Set!!!! Visit that page and download the 4 files in wich the video has been ripped!

!!! 2 new video have been uploaded to celebrate the 19th March 2001 Queen Induction in the Hall of Fame! Click HERE for a report from LiquidNews and HERE from BBC report!!!!

!!!!! On the 27th March 2001 I put another new video on the 'Hall of Fame' ripped in 4 files very quick to download !!! I found this video on the Net. This video is the CNN 'World Beat' broadcast of the 25th March all about Queen induction in HoF, includes "We will rock you" live!!!
Download with the following links:

Part1 --- Part2 --- Part3 --- Part4

Click here to enter the special Video-Download page!

This Queen home page is held by me with the initial support of my friend Ale.

The intention of this work is to give you information about Queen's activity in the years.

In this site you can read the list of all the items I was able to collect in the time. So, you'll find a section called AUDIO MATERIAL (regarding all the items I've got in audiotapes), a section called VIDEO MATERIAL (wich contains the list of all I have in VHS-tapes) and a section called SWAP LIST (in which find included all the original items e.g. CDs, LPs, 7" singles, etc... I can offer for swap with your items).

Recently I have added some new pages:

Rare Record Section is a page wich let you watch at some very rare items you have never heard neither seen before! Of course you all know how much rare and expensive could be the Blue Vinyl of Bohemian Rhapsody or the Orange Vinyl of NL's A Kind of Magic, but you just have seen lots of photos of that on the Net, this page let you knowing the existance of other expensive but NEVER SEEN items before! Take a look!

Concertography that contains all the dates when Queen or solo components played live totally updated at TODAY !!! So you'll finally find all Cross concerts dates, all Brian May Band and Roger Taylor dates, all the known compartecipations to live events, etc. That's as a reply of the need of the Internet surfer who goes from site to site searching this informations that ALL the other sites give incomplete or wrong!

New Arrives regards the late additions, the so-called items that have just come to me in the meantime and that for various reasons have not yet be included in the Audio neither Video Pages neither in the zipped lists.

CD-R List includes the concerts I have in CD-Recordable type, this source of course is very simple to be copied and more durable for the future than the simple tape, the major part of the Audio materials is however held on tapes! Some collectors wish only to swap Audio items only if the source is in CD-R, so I think better compile a list with only the CD-R concerts that I have.

Software Page includes some utilities chosen for you, amongst the other you'll find the now famous mp3 files player Queen mp3Player that I have released for you and I suggest you to quickly install. This program is totally FREEWARE, so you do not have to pay the autor (= me) and obviously is the first totally Queen lookalike!

I wish to make you know that all the items included on all the three sections are available for swapping, so that if you need for something of your interest please send an e-mail to: giankycalo@libero.it

Also, if you have something on your collections that you can't find on my AUDIO and VIDEO lists, be sure I'm 100% interested in!


Always link to a http://www.queencollector.net or http://come.to/queencollector or www.queencollector.fr.st or www.queencollector.8m.com (It's this site, of course;-)

 We are the princes of the Universe

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