I ferri e i dipinti di CARLO RAMOUS


Paintings in thumbnailed format
Sculptures in thumbnailed format
The hall for Ramous works at the 36th Biennale Internazionale d'Arte of Venezia - 1972
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Carlo Ramous was born in Milan in 1926. He studied at the Accademia di Brera with Marino Marini and exhibited his first works in 1946.
Since then his name has appeared worldwide at least 300 times in one man shows and in large international exhibitions.

The Venice Biennal in 1958,1962,1972                                               Sao Paulo Biennal in 1961  
Rome Quadriennal in 1955,1959,1973                                                Milan Triennal in 1954,1960
Antwerp International Biennal in 1965,1973

Carlo Ramous exhibited his works also in many other cities worldwide
Paris, Tokyo, Rome, London, Oslo, Milan, New York, Antwerp, Egypt's Alexandria, Teheran, Mexico City, Budapest, Aquila, Zurich, Cologne, Nuremburg, Berlin, Sidney,The Hague, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, Lagos.

His work has interested the most discerning critics, that have written reviews and essays about him.
Trier      Gassiot-Talbod          Valsecchi          Russoli          Dorfles         Elgar          Ashbery          Ballo  
Leveque      Carandente       Welcher          DeMicheli          Alvard          Crispoldi     Coulan          Natali 
Battolini      Gualdoni                                                                                                                                



Museums where his works can be found

Museo d'Arte Moderna Villa Giulia di Roma
Museo Ca' Pesaro d'Arte Moderna di Venezia
Museo d'Arte Moderna Revoltella di Trieste
Museo di Sarrenbruck
Museo d'Arte Moderna di Cinisello Balsamo;
Civica raccolta Bertarelli di Milano
Galleria d'Arte Moderna Bonzani di Cento
Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Gubbio;
Colgate Museum di New York
Middelheim Museum di Anversa
Gabinetti disegni e stampe dell' Istituto di Storia dell'Arte dell' Universita' di Pisa
Civica Pinacoteca di Monza
Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Milano
Museo delle generazioni del '900 - G. Bargellini - Pieve di Cento
Museo Forma Viva di Porto Roz
Museo Beli Veneac di Arandjelovac
Museo d'Arte Moderna di La Spezia
Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Gallarate
Museo de Arte italiana di Lima
Museo Arte Moderna Spoleto...

Besides the innumerable collective and group exhibitions not listed here, he has done numerous large architectural works.

the Santa Marcellina Church in Milan
the Don Bosco Church in Milan
the Imprimerie Cino del Duca in Blois, France
the large sculpture in Milan's Piazza Conciliazione
the sculpture located in front of the Viale Marche school
the monument to the Heroes of Isola in Milan
the monument to the Fallen for Freedom in Milan
the monument in Chuo Park in Chiba,Japan.