Ruler (énsi) of Lagash roughly around the half of the XXIV century BC. His name, written URU-KA-GI-NA, has been read Urukagina, Uru'inimgina and Irikagina. Likely an usurper, he was the successor of Lugalanda, and his reigns lasted at least 10 years.
He is mainly known thanks to two events referred to in the extant cuneiform sources: the so-called "reform" (an edict in which he marks his distance by the temple milieu, criticizes his predecessors for their tollerance of the abuses, and restores the equilibrium through a reduction in taxation), and the border conflict with Lugalzagesi of Uruk (last act of an older rivalry between Umma and Lagash for the control of the land situated in the territory called Gu'edena), won by the latter.
M. Bonechi - February 2000


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