About the fact that technology had influenced our life we are sure: i remember when i was a child and the tv-color was a luxury, when the workers installed our first phone line. There are no doubts that these things have deeply influenced our way to live, let's think at how would be our life withouth the phone or the car. Technology, though having its collateral effects, helps us. And it's on this wave that i have built this page. I want to pinpoint some links, from my viewpoint, really useful, if you think to have some useful links then i pray you to let me know writing at temporaneo@hotmail.com. Here there're some useful links:

http://www.download.com wonderful portal that nurture you with demos, tech news & useful free softwares with a tech message board.

http://www.sciforums.com a wonderful discussion board mainly centered on technology ( not strictly related to pc or such things ) but also open to other topics.