a command console for Csound and much more

A Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME (tm) shareware package for Csound users.
Written by Riccardo Bianchini, Professor of Electronic Music at Conservatorio "S.Cecilia", Rome, Italy, is presently used in many italian Conservatories,
in LIPM (Laboratorio de Investigacción y Producción Musical, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and in EUM (Escuela Universitaria de Música, Montevideo, Uruguay).
WCShell is a command console to Csound, includes orchestra & score editors, can run up to 4 different versions of Csound, has an Option Menu from which you can run up to 20 programs. It is not YACS (Yet Another CSounder). Its main options are configurable by user.
It includes other software, among which:

  • Scorex, a score processor; your score will be converted to a spreadsheet, with options for modifying a single cell or a block of cells. Among the modifications: Add, Multiply, Linear Interpolate, Exp Interpolate, Fill, Convert from/to oppc, opd, cps. A logical editor (resembling Cubase [tm] logical editor) allows you to select non-adjacent notes.
  • GraphSco, a bitmap to score converter.
  • Mask, a tendency mask score generator.
  • EditHet, to graphically edit a hetro generated file

Recommended: DirectCsound for Windows9x (by Gabriel Maldonado).

How can I obtain WCShell v.5.1?
Download WCShell 5.43.3 

WCShell features:

Text boxes for current orchestra, score and soundfile - A multimedia control - Toolbar, duplicating major menu items for faster use - Three drive/dir/file boxes for fast selection of orc, sco and soundfile, with Update buttons - File box buttons (run Explorer in selected folders) - Orchestra and score oriented editors - Waveform preview - Peak detecting utility - Run hetro, pvanal, lpanal & svanal from within WCShell - Comprehensive on-line help

Customization: Custom editor select - Soundfile editor select - Up to four Csound version with different flags - Up to 20 user defined programs launcher

WCShell is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0. It needs Windows95/98 or WindowsNT, at least 6 Mbyte of free disk space.
Warning! This program is provided without warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk.