How Do We Do It?

Our advertisers pay us to email to you. We in turn "funnel" some of those revenues back to you... the consumer! Our advertisers get a captive audience for their product and you get paid for learning about their offer! Try getting that from cable TV.

How Much Do We Pay?

First, you can earn 5 cents for each email you receive from For example, if you were to receive 20 emails, your earnings would be $1.00! But, that is not all!

As you tell others about we will also pay you 2 cents for each email they review as well! This could really add up to some incredible extra income! Here is a chart:

Emails Received Sent To Commissions Earned
20 emails To You $1.00
20 emails To 100 Referrals $40.00

  Total Earnings    $41.00

This chart is for example purposes only. Individual results vary based on the number of email sent each day and the target demographics chosen by our advertisers. Email URL must be clicked for credit.

All this simply because you and your friends are reading email! Just think, finally extra money that makes sense. Use the extra money to pay your phone bill or your ISP charges! Or, just buy yourself that little extra something!

How Do I Promote

Each new member instantly receives a personal WEB site just like this one to send their friends and prospects to. It's simply where xxxxx is the member ID number we assign you! We currently do not charge for this service so jump in early and take advantage of this incredible and lucrative opportunity!

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Member?

Membership is FREE! There is no fee! Simply sign up and you will begin receiving email! Choose from hundreds of categories. Get offers about the products and services that interest you most. Our advertisers often email FREEBIE offers and discounts that could save you plenty!

When Do We Pay?

We send commission checks on the 20th of every month for all of the previous months activity. For example; if during the month of May you received 500 emails from you would be sent a commission check of $25.00 on June 20th.

How Do I Keep Track Of All The Email I Receive?

On the bottom of each email you receive is an updated report with the total emails sent to you during the current month. You can also get reports from the Members section on this web site!

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply click the "sign up" link on the menu bar above! It's FREE and it's easy. Sign up and start telling your friends today! There is email just waiting to be delivered so you might as well start earning right now!

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