Italian Demofreaks

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From Assembly '98
From left to right: Rio and Surfing.

Elven Eleven
Manta, Rio and Parsec in clockwise order.

Perugia meeting
From left to right: Nabo and Killer Loop.

From TIG '97
From left to right: Asyntote, Froyd, Ez and It-Alien.

From TRIP '98
From left to right: Super Keyby, Friol, Bitscout and Ramas.


Asavaris / Deathstar
Hard working.

Bitscout / Ritual

Calca / ?
Maybe not so glad to stay at Assembly '98.

CDS / Deathstar
At Deathcon '97.

Dixan / Spinning Kids
His music wasn't played at Assembly '98.

Dr. K / Spyral
Not so happy to be photographed.

Ez / Deathstar
Tracking at TIG '97.

Fby / Spyral
Like Mickey Mouse.

Matley / TBT
At TIG '97 I think.

Pix / Deathstar
At Deathcon.

Pix / Deathstar
Second shot always at Deathcon.

Quartz / Chalice
At TIG '97.

Randy / Ramjam
Friar Randy.

Randy / Ramjam
Spiritual Randy.