Our history

Ritual is an italian demogroup formed in 1995 by Ramas (formerly Zac) and Super Keyby,
on the ashes of the group formerly known as UT0PiA.
After just a few weeks Chaos Ship joined.

In April '96 a graphician, Spike, joined.
We thought we were ready to produce something nice besides bbs adds and modules.
So, since we were all from Rome, we started meeting in Chaos Ship's house every weekend,
from late Saturday night to Sunday afternoon. We still have these meetings.
Actually they are not very useful, but quite enjoyable. :))

During summer '96 KrisPanda, a musician from Rome, and Ghost, a coder from Palermo, joined.

At the end of '96 three new members joined : BitScout (coder), Pixy (musician) and BugMan(coder).
Two members, Spike and KrisPanda , instead, were kicked out due to inactivity (and/or lameness).
Another member, Ghost, was too distant and too lazy to stay wiht us any more.
In the meantime Bitscout revealed himself also as a talented graphician and musician,
while Pixy was trying to convince us he was able to make graphics too.

In a surge of power, in '97 Chaos Ship changed his nickname in Djinn.

Not a lot of changes until the end of '99, when a new member joined as a coder: Kirk.
In the meantime the italian demoscene is collapsing around us,
and as a fact most of our members are slowly leaving the scene and the group as well.
Bugman and Pixy are now officially out of the group,
while Super Keyby and Bitscout are still "in" but not strictly "active".

We don't believe a lot in work at distance. So all the actual members are from Rome.
So we meet A LOT. We actually have at least one meeting a week (it means at least two people involved).
We also make LONG meetings that last 3-4 days, the Ritual Connections.
They are often done during Summer holidays or in periods in which we have no exams or other.
We organize them in a free house big enough to contain all of us.
So far we have done five or six Connections. Every Scener is invited.
Please email us if you feel like showing up.

You can see our active partecipation in Italian parties , such as TiG and TRiP,
but also in the international meetings SE and ASM.