Member List

Ramas - Coder / Founder
While not very productive, he is very fond of the group
and he's really "in" the scene and "in" the style.
He is very attuned to "old style" and Amiga demos.
Visit his personal web site about the Italian Scene.

Djinn - Coder / WEB Master
At the moment he's the one who makes everything in the group,
from the code to the web page (as you see). His are most code productions
such as intros and demos. He's now working to a general demo and intro engine
to exponentially raise group's productivity.

Kirk - Coder (beta testing)
He's actually learning how to code realtime effects, but he actively partecipates
in most of the group's meetings. He is very interested in networking and Linux.
Thanks to him future releases will be ported to Linux.

BitScout - Coder / GFX / Musician
Once most active member, he has recently found better things to do in life,
so now he is quite inactive. He is probably the best italian coder, graphician
and musician all together alive today.

Super Keyby - Musician / Founder / Sysop
He's one of the last bbs sysops in Italy, but he still believes in BBSes.
He was once one of the most prolific musicians in the italian scene.
Now he's one of the least. :) Visit Rage BBS: ++39-06-52311932