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Last Update 26/03/2004

This is my 1st experiment to write a personal web site.
Test page for RollerPPC download.

RollerPPC  v1.1



Platform Processor Info
Pocket PC 2000/2002 ARM (zip) Extract .exe and copy everywhere into your device.
... SH3 (zip) ...
... MIPS (zip) ...



26/03/2004 Final release (V 1.1) with new options:
- show hints always if you unlock last level
- show partial score for each move
23/02/2004 First release of RollerBal (V 0.1) BETA
16/02/2004 Preliminary version

Copyright (C) 2004 by Guglielmo Calligaro. This software is a Free software, you can download it but you cannot change enything.


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