St. Pietro in Montorio

(1499-1502 Andrea Bregno school). Rumor has it that this is the site where St. Peter was crucified. The view of Rome from the parapet is lovely; and lucky Spanish students can study in the Spanish Cultural Academy right next to the church. Its facade has simplicity, almost austerity. But inside!

First chapel right: Sebastiano il Piombo painted a superb "Flagellation" from drawings by Michelangelo.

4th chapel right: ceiling fresco by Vasari (more famous for his chronicles of Renaissance artists) who slipped his own portrait in black on the left.

Unmarked tomb of Beatrice Cenci (see Palazzo Cenci).

5th chapel left: Michelangelo's star pupil, Daniele da Volterra, painted the "Baptism of Jesus".

2nd chapel left: Bernini and pupil and bas-relief of Francesco Baratta.

St. Pietro in Montorio


Late 15C. Built on top of a medieval church by Ferdinando and Isabella of Spain, soon after they had thrown the Arabs out of Spain.

16C. Richly decorated by outstanding artists. (The Raphael and other fine paintings later disappeared into the Vatican Museums.)

Via Garibaldi (Map D 8)

Tempietto del Bramante

Tempietto del Bramante, engraving

One of the jewels of early Renaissance architecture (Bramante1499-1502), this perfectly circular chapel fits snugly inside the church courtyard. Notice the perfect proportions and the classic orders inspired by Ancient Roman buildings.

Medieval saints' tombs were often circular and pilgrims could easily spot them and come to pray. In Arab countries saints' tombs are still circular, and Muslims still go and pray at them.

This place is very popular today for weddings.

Via Garibaldi (Map D 8)