What is it?
 clamaktion is a little utility that allows users of KDE 3.1 and newer to run
 clamscan from Konqueror's right-click menu for files and folders (look at the picture above).        
 clamaktion is safe (you don't need to be root to install it) and easily configurable.    
 clamaktion FINDS viruses in RPM packages too!!!

 Download clamaktion-utility.tar.gz, then decompress it and cd clamaktion-utility.
 Edit the bash script 'clamaktion'  and properly set the variables.
Every variable has a short and
 clear description, so it should be really easy to setup the script.
 If you want a localized message instead of "Scan with Clam AntiVirus" you have to  edit the file
 'clamaktion.desktop'. Open it with a text editor, find your language and add the string you want to see
 in the right-click menu (e.g. for Italian: Name[it]=Analizza con Clam AntiVirus).
 Now, to install clamaktion type: sh ./install. That's all.  Right-click on a file or folder, go to Actions menu...
 If you don't like clamaktion simply type: sh ./remove.
 Download  clamaktion       md5  checksum: bdbaf294d0fd44ee81f6df2c52fddb6b

 To test clamaktion with an infected RPM package download testvirus-1-2.noarch.rpm    
 This RPM contains a ClamAV inoffensive test file.
 If you scan it with clamscan, NO virus will be detected.
 If  you  scan  it  with  clamaktion  the  virus  will  be  FOUND.

 Final notes
 If you are reading this page you probably know that clamscan is a command line anti-virus scanner and it's a part
 of the Clam AntiVirus package (
 clamaktion doesn't scan infected files if you are running clamd with clamuko option enabled (see Clam AntiVirus

 clamaktion is GPL licensed, of course.