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duo code: *03371057***29043661A*HES-DUO-01 released by NEC Corporation


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Welcome to DPI!

Welcome to Duo Planet Italy,

your PC Engine one-page site! Are you looking for rare PCE/Duo games, wanna exchange CDs or just take a look around? Well, you're always welcome here and we'll always like to hear from you! So, take a look at our games list (all the games listed below are available) and, should you need more informations, don't hesitate to drop us a line to the email address you'll find at the bottom!

Marco @ DPI


Here come the GAMES

Ok, seems like you've already reached the best part of this site! Here on the right you can see our complete games catalogue: all the titles listed are immediately available for trade, now start thinking of our next exchange! All the HuCards titles are original, they can't be copied but we might consider selling some games on this format. Exchanging CDs will be easier, since personal (and legal) back-ups can be made and we won't have to part with our loved Duo games!

PLEASE NOTE Write us even if you don't have PCE games available for trade: we'll work something out to make our exchange possible!

News and recent updates


08, 13, 2002 - All the links on the left have been tested.

08, 06, 2002 - DPI's new layout is online: same one-page site, same in-your-face infos, same easy-to-read paragraphs. And same PCE serious gaming, of course.

06, 27, 2002 - I'm always looking for DREAMCAST GAMES.

Useful links and services

New units still available at TZD
Look at my games collection
Please report game BUGS here

Our trading policy, please read carefully
Our policy Recently, we've received many requests from PC-Engine fans who don't have any games to exchange with us. Duo Planet doesn't sell games and we absolutely refuse to do something illegal. However, we might consider offering a symbolic price per game, if you really don't have anything to send us in return. Again, our goal is to EXCHANGE, not to sell: we hope it's clear to everyone.
No piracy Please remember that we have never sold CDRs and we'll never do it ! We think that exchanging originals and backups, without speculating on it, is just a fair way to let people (like us) play expensive and hard to find titles. We aren't damaging anyone as long as you are free to choose where to look for your fave PCE games.
Safe trade When you exchange stuff with people living thousands of miles from you, "trust" is the only thing that really matters: we care a lot about it, and we're always doing our best to provide a honest and reliable service, worldwide. We've been exchanging games for more than four years now and we're proud to offer you a lot of enthusiastic references from many countries (Italy, Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia): this is the main reason why you should deal with us, look no further!
One condition We guarantee you a great exchange service 'cause we love videogames and we're happy to share this interest with other people: we'll just ask you to ship your games first, in order to avoid unpleasant complications and annoying questions.
Warranty We obviously can't play every game entirely so we can't guarantee that every title will work without any problems 'til the end: we can only test game intros (usually on the ME emulator in DOS mode). Please don't ask us to replace CDRs with problems that can't be noted during this preliminary test. Games with known problems are clearly marked in our games list, please use our Message Board to report bugs and stuff. Thanx !
Problem solving We'll do everything to make deals with you because we love to be recognized as loyal and reliable traders: don't be afraid to tell us what you have got and what you're looking for, just ask. We're always at your complete disposal for every problem you might encounter during our exchange: just email us and you'll be answered in a few hours. If there's something wrong do complain ! We want you to be 100% satisfied of DPI's exchange service and we're gonna listen carefully to all your suggestions.
Quality back-ups We use quality CDRs and test our games before sending them to you: if we find out a problem with a particular game you'll be simply asked to choose another title from our growing list.
Strong packaging We want our games to arrive in a nothing-less-than perfect shape: everything will be intact thanx to our accurate packaging.

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PC Engine Page
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New entries and all time classics
dracula X
macross 2036
ultrabox vol.4 N!
atlas N!

MMII msoprani@provincia.ra.it please use this email address to contact us!