The  S.A.I. produces the aircraft ultralight version (ULM) G 97 Spotter and G 97 V Spotter certified on the basis of V.EL regulation of ENAC - RAI. 
Characteristics of the G97 Spotter - ULM version.
General .  
Maximum visibility like an helicopter. Ease of maintenance and disassembly, low cost, little sensitive to air turbulence, high 
internal comfort, large baggage comportment.
Un-braced high wing, VG1-13H high lift airfoil  designed for the G97, constant chord, dihedral 1, incidence 2.30, no twist, wing detachable 
for storage and transportation, integral leading edge fuel tank (2x35 litres).
Large transparent nose section with two large transparent doors, rear nacelle for engine installation behind the wing (pusher propeller).
Flying controls.
Full dual controls and one central throttle, differential Frise ailerons, stabilator tailplane with anti-balance/trim tab, electrically actuated trim tab and slotted flaps covering 71% of wing span.
All-metal basic structure of aeronautical aluminium alloy except tailplane and rudder, Dacron covered,and wing-fuselage fairing, wing and vertical fin tips, engine nacelle and tail cone which are of Fiberglas.
Lauding gear.
Fixed tricycle, hydraulic disk brakes, nose wheel with rubber shock-absorber.Main gear in one spring of carton-Fiberglas, mounted under the fuselage structure with four bolts for easy disassembly.

Power plant.
One 80 hp Rotax 912 (*), four-cylinder four-stroke liquid/air cooled engine.
Propeller of maximum diameter of  172 cm .
Basic version: Tonini propeller 166cm/145cm diameter to pitch ratio.
(*) Rotax 912 of 100 hp is foreseen.

Side-by-side adjustable seats with four point harness.
Large baggage spaces behind seats: one of about 0.8x0.8x0.45 cub.m. and one og about 0,3x0.8x0.3 cub.m.
Two small compartments for documents and objects closed by doors in lateral panels of baggage comportment.
Cabin floor as high as 0.6 m above the ground for an easy accommodation.

 12 V battery; 100 W alternator.
Ram cabin air by adjustable outlets.
Anemometer, altimeter, R/C indicator, bank indicator, trim indicator, L.H. and R.H. trim position, flap position 
indicator, rpm indicator, oil temperature, oil pressure, cooling liquid temperature indicators, compass, 
fuel levels visible.

 Optional on customer specification.

Fuel tanks.
Two leading edge integral fuel tank of 2x35 litres of total capability.

Wing span 8,25 m (27 ft), wing chord constant 1.25 m (4 ft 1 in) Wing aspect ratio 6.6, length overall 6.24 m  height overall 2.3 m (7 ft).
Tailplane span 2.9 m (9 ft 6in), wheel track 2.14 m (7 ft), wheel base 1.55 m (5 ft). Cabin max width 1.08 m (3ft 6.5 in).

Wings, gross 10.3 sqm. (110,9 sqft). Tailplane 1.97 sqm. (21.2 sqft).
Vertical plane 1.17 sqm. (12.6 sqft).

Basic empty weight 270 to 280 kp.
Maximum weight 450 kp (**) , as for italian Ulm  category.
(**) Structure capable of bearing up to 530 kg take off weight.
Max speed at sea level            200 km/h (102 kt)
Cruising speed  75%               176 km/h (92 kt)
Stalling speed flaps retracted 69 km/h (39 kt)
Stalling speed flaps extended  58 km/h (31 kt)
Max climb rate at sea level : 280 m/min
T.o./ landing run 85 m/85 m

Endurance over 4 h
Load factors: +4/-2.

Characteristics of the G97 V Spotter - Certified version.  
Certification standard: Italian ENAC V.EL
Configuration, structure, dimensions, power plant idem ULM version.
An increased wing span up to 8.75 m is foreseen to improve the rate of climb.
Same systems and flying controls of the ULM version with the addition of fuel pressure indicator, fuel auxiliary pump, radio, 
stall warning and electrical safety devices.
Optional are customer specification.
Empty weight 290 to 300 kp
Maximum weight 530 kp
Max speed at sea level  192 km/h (97 kt)
Cruising speed 75%      170 km/h (89 kt)
Stalling speed flaps retreated  76 km/h
Stalling speed flaps extended 63 km/h
Rate of climb at sea level 240 m/min
T.O./Lauding rum 130/110 m
Endurance over 4 h
Load factors: +4/-2