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Master Classes will be given, in various periods during the Festival, by renowned teachers, and will be divided into several categories: strings, woodwinds, brasses, Jazz, Ancient Music, Musicotherapy. They will be shorter than the courses, but more intense, and will be open to all young musicians, Italian and foreigner. They will be organized, in part, in collaboration with the English firm "BESSON", the French firm "BUFFET" and the Japanese firm "YAMAHA".

High formation courses

Art. 1: Master Classes are open to all musicians, without any age limit.
Art. 2: In order to attend a Master Class, the student must send in an application, written on the attached form, to the secretariat of the courses c/o Associazione La Settima Musa, via Monteverdi 11, 50144 Firenze, Italy. Together with the application form, which must be completely filled in, one must send the receipt for payment of the admission fee; the payment must be done through postgiro sent to
Associazione Culturale La Settima Musa - c/o Sara Otello Musical Master Classes, via Monteverdi 11, 50144 Firenze. The form can be a photocopy.
Art. 3: The admission fee must be paid before applying for admission. The attendance fee must be paid not later than the first day of the Master Class. Fees are specified below.
Art. 4: One can attend the Classes as a "listener" by paying a unique fee of 100 euros.
Art. 5: An accompanying pianist will be at disposal of the students attending a Master Class, for all its duration.
Art. 6: Students of Brass, Sax and Percussion Classes must bring their own music stand.
Art. 7: The students admitted to the courses will be allowed to give public performances, provided that they are properly dressed (men must wear a dark suit).
Art. 8: The Direction reserves the right to cancel one or more classes. In that case, the students will be promptly notified and the admission fee will be refunded.
Art. 9: The admission fee will be refunded to those who applied for admission but cannot attend a Class, provided that they inform the Direction 15 days before the Courses begin. The Direction will keep 15% of the fee for general expenses.
Art. 10: The Direction is not liable for any damage occuring to the students as a consequence of the activities related to the courses.
Art. 11: After the end of the courses, the Festival Santa Fiora in Musica will give all attending students a certificate.
Art. 12: The deadline for sending in the admission applications is August 15, 2003.
Art. 13: For further information, please contact:
- prof. Sara Otello - Course and Master Class coordinator, mobile 340-3645373, Fax 055-353855, e-mail
- M.o Luca Benucci, mobile 339-2308262
- Mrs. Gabriella Niccolai, mobile 340-3645367, Fax 055-2647049.

50 euros.

Press office

Andrea Conti - 25-30 August, 200 euros
Charly Vernon - 25-30 August, 400 euros

Luca Benucci - 25-30 August, 200 euros
Dale Clevenger - 16-20 August and 25-30 August, 500 euros for each period

Marco Pierobon
Davide Simoncini
Fritz Damrow
25-30 August, 200 euros for the 3 teachers

Tubas: 200 euros
Mario Barsotti - 25-28 August
Alessandro Fossi - 25-30 August

Kettle and percussion:
Gregory Lecour - 25-30 August, 150 euros

Fabrice Moretti - 26-28 August - 150 euros

JAZZ WORKSHOP - from august 20 to 24
Lessons with all teachers, and individual lessons with a teacher of the student's instrument
20-24 august, 150 euros
Raffaello Pareti - Double Bass: Improvisation Techniques, jazz band lessons
Stefano Rapicavoli - drums: Harmony and Rythm
Nico Gori - sax and clarinet: frasing, styles, contamination
Leonardo Pieri - piano and keyboards: free jazz, improvisation on a given themefree improvisation courses

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