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The official webpage of #win32asm
Here you'll find information on how to program Windows using Assembly Language. I love assembly language and have programmed in asm since DOS days. When Windows "killed" DOS, I thought assembly language died with it. I could not be further from the truth! Assembly programming on Win32 platform is quite possible and easy. Not very different from programming Windows in C. If you're a newcomer to win32asm, read this FAQs.

You can contribute to this website!

  • If you think you know some cool tricks and want to share them with other fellow win32asm coders.
  • If you code some utility and want to share its source code
  • If you think you can explain some programming topics by writing tutorials/essays/articles

Send them to me via email. Your material will always be yours: you get all the credits. Plus many thanks from ppl who benefit from your effort. Don't hesitate.

ASM IDE Project Links
Visual Assembler The original project to create visual ASM IDE. Founded by mammon, managed by knotty dread. It's now unofficially dead. Some info about the project and binaries are still available.
Visual Assembler Master
By Shawn Bullock et al. Attempt to create a visual ASM IDE for various assemblers. The feature list is impressive. Beta 1 is yet to be seen.
Visual Assembler Homepage By Justin Decker. It is another attempt at creating a visual ASM IDE. Currently the editor part works ok. The visual form/resource editor is yet to be implemented.
Ultra Ide-asM by ShADe and CodeFumbler. Coded as an add-in for UltraEdit thus it can tap into the awesome editing capabilities of this great editor.
The Assembly Studio by Jon Richardson. Coded in VB. Will support multiple assemblers and furthermore, it will be open source.
VASM : Visual Assembler IDE by Thomas Jaeger. Coded with Borland Delphi.
Visual Assembler
TASM IDE IDE for turbo Assembler users. Not really visual but look neat.
V IDE Another generic IDE that supports GNU g++,BC++ and Javan
What's New?

21/5/2001: Phew! it has been a month since the last update. I have been busy with my real-life job. Some bad news first: XOOM deleted my account without notifying me: when I connected to it, it redirected me to "warez404.html" page. As you all know, my site doesn't contain any illegal material. So much for a "free" webspace provider. I have another webspace offer from my friend, Razor'X.
I am currently working with JNS on a Playstation emulator plugin, Cyberpad. If you're interested, check out http://cyberpad.psxemu.com.
Here are the new additions to the source code section:PI Imitator by Lyskov Michail. Tools by Tziotas Milos.
And here are the updates: ASMEdit v3.2 by Ewayne. PElib by fresh. VIDE by ESQ.
21/4/2001: A new mirror is available, thanks to cTT. ColorPicker by neocitron. Flux by Angelo. IceGhost by Tziotas Milos. IKN-CU by Harlequin. TheChatter [English] [French] by Vom-bonjour. md5 example by roy. PELib by fresh. SysView by RODY Thierry. yC 1.2 by Y0da.
7/4/2001: ErrorShow by The Svin. IQTest and PassX by Tziotas Milos. MP3 player by Lord Rhesus. ASMEdit update by Ewayne. PDB Operations by xprsg. Senf's Intel JPEG Library Demo by Senf. SMS Agent by mio.
2/4/2001: Unfortunately, the main mirror, http://www.piic.net/~win32asm/, is down and will stay down. Thanks Jason Tudisco for the webspace. I'm still busy with my real life as usual so no new tutorials for a while. AsmADO version 1.0 by Maurice MONTGENIE. Docking rebar example by Entro-P. A FAR manager plugin by Imaginative. Update to ASMEdit 3.1 by Ewayne. [SaF]-worm, a game, by [SaFc0n]. Saturn, a directory copier, version 2 by John Hyde. Update to cinchy server by S3. VIDE, an IDE, by Bruce Wamplers.

This mirror is the courtesy of my friend, cTT
This mirror is the courtesy of my friend, Z-Wing


This mirror is the courtesy of my friend, Razor'X.
He just opens hosting service so if you are thinking about hosting your site, check out http://www.rxsp.com
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