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Shardna Life Sciences is a leading Italian genomics research company, an innovative partnership between the public and the private sector.

The unique nature of Shardna's work is based on the creation of a multidisciplinary research team for carrying out a research program in a particular area of Sardinia (Ogliastra) using an original and innovative approach. Ogliastra is inhabited by people who have been isolated for centuries and in genetic, demographic and environmental terms are therefore ideal for identifying the genetic causes of complex diseases and the risk factors associated with them: hypertension, nephrolithiasis, migraine, obesity, eye diseases and even baldness.

Founded in September 2000 thanks to the initiative of the entrepreneur Renato Soru, the founder of one of the biggest internet company in Europe, Tiscali, and Mario Pirastu, director of the Institute of Population Genetics of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and current Scientific Director of Shardna, the company soon found other sponsors, including the Bank of Sardinia, a local private clinic and the Sardinian Holding Company SFIRS. The project's potential, focused on genetic research and on the identification of the causes of complex diseases, aroused immediate interest in the international scientific community and in 2001 the CNR joined the venture, bringing with it a team of experienced research experts from the Institute for Population Genetics, which today collaborates with Shardna, sharing know-how, results and above all the common aim of creating new chances for growth and development in the area.


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