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Latest version is xstep-shell-1.0

This program will use the xstep-3.5.1 library to ask for user input, and can be used in Linux shell scripts or called from other programs to draw GUI's for the X Window System . Here you can see some


To make xstep-shell work you need to install the library libxstep.so part of the XSTEP 3.5.1 - Toolkit for X Window System.

Copyright (C) 1996-2001 by Marcelo Samsoniuk.

Some parts of the program are based on code grabbed from "xstepfiles" by Cassio (napalm@zaz.com.br) and from the examples of the XSTEP 3.5.1 package by Marcelo Samsoniuk.

Many versions of XSTEP and related applications can be found in:


The xstep-shell program supports the following switches:

--help, -h                               This help text
--version, -v                            Show xstep-shell's version
--size_x size, -sx                       Set the window width in pixels
--size_y size, -sy                       Set the window height in pixels
--title title, -t                        Set the window title
--label label, -l                        Show a label to the user
--big-font,-bf                           Doubles label's font size
--query label 1 label n, -q              Display one or more query boxes
                                         with the given label
--query-value value 1 value n, -qv       Set a value in the corresponding query
--checkbox option 1  option n, -cb       Display a checkbox with the given
--radio-button option 1 option n,-rb     Display a radio-button with the given
--x-scroll,-xs                           Add a scroll bars to radio-button,
                                         checkbox, query box lists
--button label 1  label n, -b            Add one or more buttons at the bottom
                                         of the window
--file-selection, -fs                    Display a file selection box
                                         (accepts also -t)
--view-file file, -vf                    View a file in a text box
                                         (accepts -t,-pl,-b)
--print-line, -pl                        On exit prints the line selected in
                                         the text box
--edit-file , -ef                        Not supported in this version

The -cb , -rb and -q options are position sensible so:

xstep-shell -c 1 2 -rb 3 4 -q 5 6

is not the same as

xstep-shell -q 1 2 -c 3 4 -rb 5 6 .

In the /doc dir of the xstep-shell package you can find also a template to write your own scripts containing some functions that makes it easier to manage the various window inputs and outputs. See the examples section and you will understand how it works.

You will find no man-page files here. I'm sorry about that , but I think that the help screen gives enough explanations.

If you find some bugs email a report and possibly a fix to tito_dash_wolit_at_tiscali_dot_it

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