A musical band acomplished with best talented musicians.
All members are hailing from various reputed musical families.

They have extended their contribution as ochestra members to various musical recordings composed by most of the relevent music directors and such services are well commended.
SIHA SHAKTHI has the pleasure of introducing few melody compositions from such music directors.
These music arrangment are being done in a very justifiable manner with preserving the orginal value of them.
The Sri Lanken traditional folk songs and melodies that involved in our Bali, Thovil, Yaga and etc, etc are not being introduced to the international media to a substantial extent.
SIHA SHAKTHI has recognised this factor and their main ambition is to create something special in music with harmonizing western and eastern music on their composition which are based on such traditional melodies.
Here they have used most of our traditional rythm instruments to preseve the heritage of Sri Lanken culture.