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Automotive Automotive Rectifiers are intended for use in automobile and high current applications. Siltech manufactures a full range of performance characteristics Press Fit Diodes, Button Diodes and Rectifier Cells which are available to remanufacture alternators to exactly meet expected demand. Solve alternator problems, whether spiking failure, constant heavy leading, and power surging.
Bridge Rectifiers
  Constructed in either glass passivated chips or open junction chips, Siltech manufactures a complete line of Bridge Rectifiers which can meet the power and case style requirements of almost all electronics equipment. They are low cost and essential for any electronics equipment which requires full wave rectification of an AC power source.
Fast Recovery Rectifiers   As a family member of the recovery rectifiers, Siltech. Fast Recovery Rectifiers are having maximum switching times of
150nS and low cost characteristics. They are ideal to use in switching mode power supplies and high frequency circuits in general, where low conduction losses, switching losses and cost are critical.
High Efficiency Rectifiers   Siltech High Efficiency Rectifiers characterize reverse recovery times as low as 50nS and voltage levels as high as 1000 volts and still maintain the efficiencies of a lower forward voltage loss. They are ideal to use in SMPS, inverters and free wheeling applications.
Schottky Rectifiers   Siltech's Schottky Rectifiers are the ideal product for high
speed and low power loss applications. Constructed in Schottky Barrier chip with Guard Ring for transient protection, we offer our customers a wide variety of barrier heights to best suit their end applications. They are ideally suited for low voltage, high frequency rectification, or as free wheeling and polarity protection diodes.
Small Signal Schottky Diodes   Small Signal Schottky Diodes are the extension of our Schottky Rectifiers with forward current less than 0.5 Amp. They are available in popular SOT-23, SOT-323 single and dual, SOD-123, and SOD-323 packages. Low forward voltage drop and fast switching makes these diodes ideal for laptops, cell phones, PDA’s and any of the new battery
powered portable devices.
Small Signal Switching Diodes   Small Signal Switching Diodes are intended for using in
telecommunications equipment, PC motherboards, automotive systems, power supplies and consumer. They are utilized for signal blocking, routing, switching, and handling a myriad of function at lower currents.
Standard Recovery Rectifiers   Siltech Standard Recovery Rectifiers characterize low
forward voltage drop and high current capability. They are low cost and ideally suited for general purpose applications as consumer electronics,lightings, computers, telecommunications equipment and accessories.
Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers   Encapsulated in axial leads, surface mount, TO-220, TO-220A or TO- 3P packages, Won-Top Electronics’ Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers are having reverse recovery time as low as 35nS to complement the Schottky devices for higher voltage requirements in high frequency applications. They are intended to use in switching mode power supplies and frequency circuits.
Transient Voltage Suppressors(TVS)   Transient Voltage Suppressors are manufactured with large area junctions to provide a high surge current handling capability and low dynamic impedance in avalanche mode. Their design enables these avalanche diodes to absorb large amounts of energy for short time durations without sustaining damage. Won-Top Electronics offers a broad range of glass passivated avalanche TVS diodes ranging from 400 to 5000 watts designed to provide a high level of reliable protection against destructive surges.
Zener Diodes   Zener Diodes are used as voltage regulators, voltage references, voltage suppressors against ESD threats and assorted clipping and clamping circuits. Siltech provides a wide variety of package options including axial leads and surface mount SOD-123, SOD-323, SOT-23 and SOT-323 single and dual.