R. Lauria

by Davide De Luca


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R. Lauria review

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At first glance the pictures of Davide De Luca appear to us like astral outbreaks in worlds in becoming, shapes sometimes solid, sometimes gaseous, nearly they seem to us to catch a glimpse of the landscapes that slowly go forming itself and then decompose them in the next paintings: because the work can, or perhaps must to be considered in its entirety, but do these landscapes, these worlds belong to one physical truth, even if fanciful, or perhaps to one metaphysical truth of exclusive belongings of the artist?

Personal experiences, reflections, musical frequentations (from the color to the sound and viceversa) and intellectual pilgrimages, involve the spectator awaking in him memories of not interpret dreams and reminiscence of lost affections. They are inner landscapes that more than to unravel itself, progressively evolve and to us do not seem out-of-place to cite the Evola - of the period Dadaist -: " to the direction of a descendent self transcendence opposed to an ascending self transcendence. The central pure, more than chaos or in the middle of the chaos, must be the will polishes; the will, the upsetting of the shapes must shade the absolute individual and its dominion. The impulse does not have to be to dip itself in the life, but to carry itself beyond the life ".

R. Lauria (free translation from italian text)