Tonino Caputo

by Davide De Luca


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Tonino Caputo review

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The key of reading of the works of David De Luca can easily comprised, considering one of the titles of its works, maybe the more intriguer: "Apocatastasi" 1998.

Let us analyse this title. Apocatastasi. In the series of the theories Apocatastas is the one that indicates the cyclical movement of the universe. It deals, therefore, with the theory of the eternal return, both in the sense of return to the primitiva perfection and the final fulfillment of the promises of God. In particular it designated the doctrine of Origene with the task that all the beings will return to God, and all the spirits will re-enter in the original innocence.

In other ancient philosophical doctrines it indicates reconstituting itself of the nature and its world, in each of the infinite times in which the cycles the identical shapes and characters are repeated in. Through this key of reading, it becomes very simpler to approach itself to other pictures of the artist, from the titles "Sorgente della vita" or "Rarefazione" or still "Ignoto siderale". In particular in "Sorgente della vita" where a vibrating light tongue, nearly a white flash darts to hit in the center of a nebula, a invisibile space ovum able to fertilize it with all the memories, the passed ones, epics and the ages that it has crossed in along its peregrinare immersed in the spaces and the times, after to have at first measured them in light years and then in aeons.

And this to flicker, to flash, to vibrate of the matter, where pelts of color are alternated to space gashes them and nebular lumps, origininig to first stars, that from white giants they will slowly become red dwaries until to the final implosion that transforming them in black holes and then the antimatter, perhaps antechamber of that new outbreak, a new Big-Bang, than regenerating everything will give the way to a new vital cycle, purified in the mind, authorizing again the use of that title it. Apocatastasi.

Tonino Caputo (free translation from italian text)