The festivals of cherries

At Villacidro-a town at the center of the Campidano plane- the festival of cherries ( gloss. ) is a traditional event and is dedicated to San Giuseppe in appreciation for a good harvest.

Villacidro is one of the most fertile zones in the entire region. Its agriculture is based on the cultivation of olives, cherries, and citrus fruit, from which its name is derived.

The festival takes place in the town's periphery ( gloss. ) where the church of San Giuseppe rises. Along the avenues that run alongside the agricultural farms, the growers offer tasty fruit to the visitors while in front of the church are available stalls of sweets and nougat candy ( gloss. ).

Meanwhile the organizers of the festival prepare a typical Sardinian dish: boiled lamb. A lamb is boiled in a huge cauldron for many hours, while its fat is periodically removed as it floats to the top of the boiling water in the kettle ( gloss. ). When the cooking is done the broth is thrown out and the meat served in large cork trays ( gloss. ) along with potatoes, onions and boiled cabbage ( gloss. ).

The dinner is distributed gratis to all the visitors, with the famous cherries, naturally, served as the fruit of honor.

When evening arrives traditional dancing and music-making begins. It's about a country feast with a high associative value, whose purpose is to strengthen the bonds between members of the local community. It, nevertheless, attracts a good number of tourists who come to Villacidro to participate or assist in the Spring Festival, attracted, as well, by the splendid environment that includes oak, chestnut and walnut forests ( gloss. ).

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