This is a remix by DHUO published in 1984 which features a computer track for the 16 K Spectrum.Which plays a "video" for the song.
As stated on the back cover:
LOADING INSTRUCTIONS:Take a blank cassette and record the programme at a high level. It will take 2 minutes to load it back in the computer with this following procedure: type load "" and then press enter.When the programme is loaded the computer will wait until a key is pressed. The programme is self-synchronized with the music of "Rome By Night" if any key is pressed on the first beat of the track.

So if you you are curious about it you can download this:
Computer track (12K)
Please note that to keep file size to acceptable levels quality is quite low
Rome by night 6:22 (2,7M)
On Video 3:05 (1,27M)

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