Cala Gonone, 19-26 May 2002

How to reach Cala Gonone from your arrival point in Sardinia


From Olbia (port / airport) to Cala Gonone

We can organize a taxi/minibus to transfer you from Olbia (city, port, airport) to Cala Gonone.

In order to do this, it is ESSENTIAL that:

(1) If you come by ferry (with no car, of course) you let us know the company and schedule of your ferry.
In this case you will maybe prefer to move to Dorgali / Cala Gonone with regular buses ; in particular there is a bus leaving from the port shortly after arrival of "Tirrenia" ferries, see below  , this takes you to Dorgali with a connecting bus to Cala Gonone. We will also possibly put you in contact with partecipants coming by car
[if you come by car, please let us know if you can offer a lift].

(2) If you come by plane, give us details of your arrival time as soon as you reserve your flight and however by 1/5.
Then we will be able to group you with other partecipants in a bus. Those who arrive in Olbia airport long before the bus will be able to spend their time in Olbia and be picked up in the city if they wish so. Watch this space to know about bus timetable!
If you find more convenient to fly to Alghero or to Cagliari, then you will have to use public transportation (or we can organize a minibus/taxi for you) see below.

(3) If you only find seats in planes arriving late at night in Olbia,
please consider the following: you can as well fly to Rome only and then take a ferry from Civitavecchia or Fiumicino; a cabin in the ferry is rather cheap (like a night in the hotel) and you avoid taking a taxi in the night, arriving very late in Cala Gonone, and  a lot of stress. Trains from Rome to Civitavecchia run every half an hour and take between 50 minutes and 1.10 hour (depending on which station you use in Rome).

If you come by car, see the directions given in our travel section.

If you are not able / not wishing to use our taxi/minibus, here are some direction on alternative means to reach Cala Gonone by public transportation or (group) taxi.

Notice that:
(1) Schedules have been updated; they are now the current (2002) ones.
(2) Taxi / minibus fares now refer to 2002.
(3) By (w) it is meant "working days", i.e. monday-saturday; by (d) it is meant "daily".

Some useful telephone numbers:
ARST (bus) office in Nuoro: 0784-294173
Pani (bus) office in Nuoro: 0784-36856; Sassari 079-236983
Tourist Office (Pro Loco) in Dorgali: 0784-96243
Hotel Villaggio Palmassera:  0784-93191

Private taxi services operating from Dorgali or Cala Gonone
(reservation needed) mentioned by tourist office.
(numbers starting with a 0 are regular phones, starting with 3 are mobile phones)

  • Autonoleggio Dorgali of S. Soci: 348-7211041
  • Prima Sardegna: 0784-93367 or 360-419892
  • Marco Pettorru:  0784-95051 or 368-7357646
  • Francesco Pala:  0784-96334 or 368-7399791
  • Angelo Mesina:   0784-96740 or 368-553613



    updated 19/4/2002