Stefano Rondini is a young artist photographer, he lives in Rome and since 10 years he works in advertising photography, in parallel with the very professional part of his passion he carries out a peculiar artistic research moving through non conventional means of expression. Advertising’s typical photographic style, aimed at glorifying the object is transposed and contextualized in a mystical set: common objects are absorbed in a reorganized and artefact world of glossy and paradoxically oneiric atmospheres.

Differently from his precedent work, more oriented at protesting against the culture of consuming, this series of works is a reassessment of some Italian renaissance masterpiece paintings: religious iconographies of the XIV and VX centuries such as S.Sebastian, S.George and the Dragon, the Last Supper, are reproduced through the use of every day life objects. The photographs offer a strong visual impact added with a stunning and effective emotional dynamic, based on new millennium fears and on the Christian Jubilee, celebrated in Rome and world-wide.

The original plotter-printed pictures are completed by beautiful metal frames, created by the artist himself, are at disposal for exhibitions and sale, and are produced in limited series of 9 copies each.


      Valentina Lo Martire
           Elvia  Politi



1995 - Villaggio Globale, Rome - Exhibition of the "Poison" picture series.
1995 - Vicolo del Bologna Pub, Rome - Exhibition of the "Poison" pictures series.

1996 -  Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome -  Video Wall Projection of the "Cain's garden " pictures series.

2000 - Nabel Art Cafè, Roma - Exhibition of the "Visions" pictures series.

2000 - "Galleria Ca’ d’Oro" Art Gallery, Berlin - Collection of works, within an exhibit dedicated to young

Italian artistis.