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1991- Following the global success of THE COMMITMENTS the stars from the movie took a well earned break.Kenneth 'Meatman' McCluskey and Karen Coleman

1993 - THE COMMITMENTS Featuring.
Dick Massey (Billy 'The Animal' Mooney), Kenneth McCluskey (Derek 'Meat Man' Scully), Michael Aherne (Steven 'Soul Surgeon' Clifford), Dave Finnegan (Mickah “Don’t F**k with me” Wallace) and on special occasions: Robert Arkins (Jimmy Rabbitte), Johnny Murphy (Joey 'the lips' Fagan).
Initially the band concentrated on the UK, with three sell-out tours performing over 100 shows. This was followed with a highly success trip to the Gulf.

Dick Massey1994 - They also played non stop throughout Europe: Following shows in Luxembourg newspaper headlines reported that - "Not since the end of the 2nd World War had such huge crowds been seen on the streets of Luxembourg".

1995 - In the USA alone the band performed over 120 shows. They also broke the Canadian market by storm. In Toronto they played and sold out the RPM for three nights running. This was to equal the ticket sales that The Rolling Stones achieved at the same venue on their The Voodoo lounge Tour.
Daniel Antoine / photo © Ken Latta 30/11/01

1996 - They continued breaking new ground in the USA. The band played Dan Ackroyd's House of Blues in Los Angeles to a capacity crowd of 1,800 people. This show was recorded for radio and then
licensed to over 400 stations in the USA, Japan and Europe. Afterwards Dan Ackroyd was heard saying:
“The Commitments show was the best soul review I have ever seen or heard".
In June the band was to make its debut tour of South America at the Nescafe & Blues Festival, where once again the shows were total sell-outs, even outselling Wilson Pickett.
In December they returned to Brazil for a 9-date tour. Their last show was to become very memorable, co-starring with the legendary BB King at the Party in the Park in Sao Paulo. Over 100,000 people attended this concert.

Michael Aherne1997 - They returned to the USA, playing the West Coast Ski resorts. Then in February they toured the UK. It was during this tour at the Empire Theatre in London that the band recorded their new album, inviting such soulful guests as:

Steve Cropper (The Blues Brothers / Booker T & The MG's)
Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen / The E Street Band)
Denis Edwards (The Temptations)
Sandy McDonald (Sandy Mac & The Heartattacks)

1998 - Saw the band re-establish themselves with their European and Scandinavian audiences performing at shows and festivals all over the Continent. They opened up a previously unexplored market in France and in a period of 16 months they played a staggering 156 shows to over 500,000 French fans.

1999 - They continued to tour in Europe playing many festivals alongside artists such as Little Milton, Buddy Miles, Wilson Pickett, James Brown and B.B. King. In October of that year they returned from Oman where they attracted a record crowd of 3000 fans to their show. November and December were spent in the UK with a 24 date tour.

2000 - South Africa was their first stop of the year. In February March and April they made appearances in Spain and the UK with a show in London's highly acclaimed Millennium Dome. There were also live TV appearances, and a rare performance in Dublin to celebrate Saint Patrick's.

2001 - After seeing the band perform at private event, Internet Communications company boss Jeff Pulver invited the band back to the USA to perform once again at the House of Blues in LA and Chicago. At the request Winnipeg’s Lord Mayor the band was to perform at the Cities open Air festival and a figure of 90,000 people were reported to have attended. The Commitments at Bradford - 2001 line-up / photo © Ken Latta

2002 - They returned to the UK in February and then directly across the Atlantic in March to Canada and the USA for 17 shows. In April the band conquered a new market in Italy with 4 performances and then went on to perform another 10 shows later in the year.
From Italy the band flew almost directly to United Arab Emirates for 3 shows.
Summer saw the band in Switzerland and Germany then a lighting trip to the Tunisian Tabarka Jazz Festival. In July The Commitments played a variety of UK festivals including Kew gardens, which sold out to 5000 people.
The band then revisited Canada and USA in August making a year total of 32 shows including the Milwaukee Festival attended by 120,000 people! The year finished off with a highly successful UK autumn tour of 35 dates. During this tour the band were asked to perform at a private party for Telstar Record’s boss Sean O'Brian where British actor Vinny Jones had requested a guest appearance with the band to sing their classic hit - Mustang Sally.

2003 - at Steinegg-Festival


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