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About T. Rosenthal's biography

About T. Rosenthal's essays  

About Russian Psychoanalysis (Sara Neiditsch, 1921) (russian version)

"La psicoanalisi in Russia" (Jean Marti ,1976)

Psychoanalysis in the Soviet Union (Moshe Wulff, 1930)(russian)

About  " Psycho-suiciders"

Karen & Adrian Stephen  Eugenie Sokolnicka  Sophie Morgenstern  Istvan Hollos   Sabina Spielrein              Viktor Tausk     Otto Gross   Wilhelm Stekel    Paul Federn  Bruno Bettelheim   Masud Khan   Max Kahane   Herbert Silberer   Monroe Meyer    Martin Peck       Karl Schroetter   Johann Honegger   Edward Bibring  Karl Landauer  Clara Happel  Horace Frink     Arminda Aberastury  Josef Lang                Jeno Harnik



<<Outre Federn, Stekel, Tausk et Silberer, on trouve d'autres suicidés parmi les analystes du premier groupe Karin Stephen, Eugenia Sokolnicka, Tatiana Rosenthal, Kan Schrötter, Monroe Meyer, Martin Peck, Max Kahane, Johann Honegger. (...) Il n'en demeure pas moins troublant que ces premiers analystes se soient si souvent donné la mort, lorsqu'il ne leur arrivait pas d'autres malheurs.>> (Paul Roazen, "Freud and his followers", version française, 1974, New York, Knopf)

The editor of this web site would have gone on comunicating with Paul Roazen about Tatiana Rosenthal and the other psychoanalists whose biography he studied. But a sudden and premature death has deprived all us of an incomparabile scholar who was always so generous in giving advices and suggestions. This web site want to be a tribute to this outstanding figure of master.




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Ich hiess Tatiana Rosenthal 

Which was Tatiana Rosenthal's face? Let us know by sending us a photo! 

This web site has to be an attempt to reconstruct a face, a biography: the one of TATIANA ROSENTHAL (1885-1921). One of the first psychoanalists whose life is still wrapped in mystery. Everyone who could provide news, witnesses and documents about T. Rosenthal is asked to contact us.



This web site gathers any biographical and  bibliographical information about Tatiana Rosenthal, one of the earliest russian psychoanalysts, died in 1921by committing suicide. We know very few notices about her life, her professional vicissitudes in a very dramatic period of russian history. The only informations come from her obituary, written by Sara Neiditsch in Internationale Zeitschrift f. Psychanalyse. Even the real reason of her suicide is shrouded in mistery. In this web site the page about her biography has actually to be modified, for the author (Dr. Giuseppe Leo) has found in Zuerich University new findings about her. In bibliography page we have recollected some bibliographical references about her and her works, whereas in essays page  you can find some texts written by her. In the links page  we have gathered some texts regarding her (<<They said about her...>>). Least but not last news: we'll inform you about the recentest findings concerning Tatiana Rosenthal and the earliest years of russian psychoanalysis. The experience of suicide committed by psychoanalysts is the topic of a web page about "The psycho-suiciders". Besides Tausk, Stekel and others, we've included also those psychoanalysts who were affected, in some period of their lives, by severe mental illness.

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