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  About the Psychosuiciders

<Outre Federn, Stekel, Tausk et Silberer, on trouve d'autres suicidés parmi les analystes du premier groupe Karin Stephen, Eugenia Sokolnicka, Tatiana Rosenthal, Kan Schrötter, Monroe Meyer, Martin Peck, Max Kahane, Johann Honegger. (...) Il n'en demeure pas moins troublant que ces premiers analystes se soient si souvent donné la mort, lorsqu'il ne leur arrivait pas d'autres malheurs.>> (Paul Roazen, "Freud and his followers", version française, 1974, New York, Knopf)









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Paul Federn
Herbert Silberer
Monroe Meyer
   Sabine Spielrein




  Masud Khan


 Viktor Tausk
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   Adrian and Karin Stephen

Wilhelm Stekel


Arminda Aberastury




 The Psychosuiciders are those psychoanalysts who committed suicide or, alternatively, those who, in some period of their life, were mentally ill. Tracing their biographies isn't indeed a simple task in order to establish the relationship between their analytical theories with their psychical suffering. Suicide has been considered by Freud, after the publication of "Beyond the Principle of Pleasure", as the expression of prevailing of death drive over life drive, but Paul Roazen has investigated in his famous book "Brother Animal" the biographical genesis of this freudian metapsycological formulation.  He postulated that Tausk's suicide (1919) was not irrelevant at this regard. In this web page one can explore some links refferring to some biographical informations about those who we called the "psychosuiciders": it is a working-progress web page, which will be continuously updated.



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