Fulvio Papi 
       da: La memoria del viaggio



                Non si tratta del fantasma del morire,
                Ma solo di quel non ritornare
                Che incatena un giorno
                All'altro, invisibile, distratto,
                Nascosto da quella intensità del finito,
                Un errore emotivo del vuoto
                Che è la danza quotidiana
                Delle passioni                         
                Nuove, se ci sono,
                O comunque d'abitudine, anche
                Se più o meno conosciute
                A chi ne è prigioniero.




         Giorgio Manganelli
       da: Un pulviscolo di Psiche



               La ninfa è aerea
               Ed esile,
               E dunque la si muri
               In una lamina continuata
               D'oro, costellata
               Di preziose pietre,
               E si celebri
               Il delicato candore di madrepora,
               E la variata
               Tinta della conchiglia,
               E si aggiungano ex voto
               Di perlacea luce,
               A render grazie e dei languori
               Vellicanti e della felice




         Donald H. Rumsfeld
         da: A New Kind of War  


                 This Is Not a War 

                This is not a war
                Against an individual, 
                A group, a religion 
                Or a country.

                Even the vocabulary of this war 
                Will be different. 
                When we "invade 
                The enemy's territory," 
                We may well be invading 
                His cyberspace. 

                There may not be as many beachheads 
                Stormed as opportunities 
                Denied. Forget 
                About "exit strategies"; we're looking 
                At a sustained 
                Engagement that carries 
                No deadlines. We have 
                No fixed rules about 
                How to deploy our troops; 
                We'll instead establish guidelines...

                The public may see  
                No apparent victory, or may 
                Be unaware of major victories. 

                "Battles" will be fought 
                By customs officers 
                Stopping suspicious persons at our borders 
                And diplomats securing 

                But if 
                This is a different kind of war, 
                One thing is unchanged: 
                America remains indomitable. 

                Our victory will come 
                With Americans living 
                Their lives day by day, 
                Going to work, 
                Raising their children 
                And building their dreams as they always have.




         Richard Reeves 
         da:  How to Make Money from the Coming Meltdown


                The way we work  
                    An axe is hanging 
                Over the workplace
                But economics 
                Is basically psychology 
                Dressed up in fancy graphs, 
                And today's fear 
                Of an economic downturn 
                Has a good chance of creating 
                Tomorrow's reality.

                The current recession 
                Is rhetorical, but 
                The trouble is that people 
                The rhetoric and start 
                Acting accordingly - cutting 
                Spending, delaying investment, 
                Trimming staff - 
                Which has the effect of  sending 
                The economy 
                Into a tailspin.  




         Simon Blackburn,  
Da:  The Professor of Complacence



                   And the Circus Leaves Town

                   Bullshitters are typically voluble, 
                   And to some audiences readable.

                   But this is smoke, 
                   Since it is a focused 
                   Curiosity that matters.

                   Then the question stares 
                   Us in the face: 
                   Why can't we say more?

                   In other words, with proper 
                   Attention to the notion 
                   Of an inquiry, and to the notion 
                   Of a community of inquirers,
                   Any remaining air escapes 
                   From the pragmatist balloon, 
                   And the circus leaves town.